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Top 5 packaging developments of May

Top 5 packaging developments of May
The Top 5 includes an intriguing, package-design-driven product launch shrouded in mystery.

A science-reflecting packaging redesign, debris-polluted oceans, a very intriguing beer launch and two virtual tours of trendy food packaging innovations found at tradeshows earned the Top 5 spots as the most popular articles at over the past month.

With the start of June we present a fresh list of the Top 5 Most Popular Packaging Articles at Based on website metrics, these are the packaging developments that your peers found of most interest over the past month and you may, too, if you missed them the first time around. And what makes this a value-packed “spring sale” compilation is that these five articles cumulatively present 20 packaged products, each of which has its own image to help tell the story of these new and impending packaging developments.

Our reverse-order reveal begins on the next page with a launch from a major brand owner that delivers a strong serving of mystery…


5. This mystery-shrouded beer has strong shelf life when it comes to readership.

This lone repeat performer from our April Top 5 demonstrates the staying power of a detailed, product-driven package design from a major brand owner. Launched on Friday the 13th, Anheuser-Busch’s Oculto lives up to its name by presenting surprises that represent several firsts in the U.S. beer market across carton, bottle and can formats.

The lager’s novel formulation—infused blue agave for a unique citrus flavor—and positioning centers on mystery and spontaneous nights out with friends. The packaging brings those elements to life in a high-end look that is energetic, intriguing and that lives up to its name, which translates from Spanish as “hidden” or “waiting to be found.”

Read all about it in Mysterious Oculto beer serves on-package surprises

Science and design combine in #4...

4. This skincare product’s scientific formulation is reflected by its packaging design.

Nerium Intl.’s updated design better reflects the science behind its age-defying skincare products and creates a consistent look for its U.S. and international product lines of NeriumAD and Optimera, respectively.

The sleek modern containers are white for the daytime formulas and slate grey for the nighttime formulas. A color band at the containers’ slightly pinched waist identifies the product's usage (“Face,” for example, in the photo above). This same color band also appears on the paperboard cartons, but it’s not printed on the clean, white cartons. Instead, Nerium Intl. opted for an inset Mylar sleeve within each box to show the product-usage color between the carton top and bottom.

Read all about it in Anti-aging skincare packaging gets scientific look worldwide

The oceans take center stage in #3...

3. Confronting ocean plastic pollution at the global level.

Are the oceans awash with pollution including plastic packaging? The good news: A 2010 study on plastic marine debris concluded, “Despite a rapid increase in plastic production and disposal during this time [1986-2008], no trend in plastic concentration was observed in the region of highest accumulation.”

Alas, much fresher and not-so-good-news was presented at the SustPack 2015 conference in March. While a portion of ocean plastic pollution comes from ocean-based inputs like illegal dumping and lost fishing equipment, approximately 80% comes from land-based sources, taking the form of packaging such as bags, bottles, closures and foodservice containers—with the largest quantities coming from just four countries: China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Read all about it in 4 countries generate about half the plastic marine debris

Innovation is on the NRA packaging menu in #2...

2. A 7-course feast of foodservice packaging.

Tradeshows are great resources for uncovering new packaging and a visit to the National Restaurant Show last month was no exception where we found 7 unconventional products and packaging ranging from a no-handle Super Jug to fully-loaded brownie pouches to the first shelf-stable hummus multipack to a tiny, coffee-pot-sized semi-automatic packaging machine that amply fills a void in DIY foodservice packaging to Ghirardelli’s pouch-driven dispensing system (shown). It seeks to reinvent sauce dispensing by making it more efficient and environmentally friendly in reducing landfill waste by 97% while pushing product evacuation up to 98%.

Read all about it and six other products in 7 packaging innovations fit for foodservice.

 #1 confirms our readers have a sweet tooth for packaging...

1. In short, this article is sweet on packaging times 10!

Our most popular article of the month proves again that our readers find virtual visits to tradeshows the next best thing to being there, especially when the show is not packaging-centric, yet still offers a lot of examples of the art of packaging. Such was the case of last month’s annual Sweets & Snacks Expo produced by the National Confectioners Association that gave a glimpse of the newest treats to hit the market. The 10 packs we’ve highlighted include the above introduction of Cool Blasts from The Hershey Co. We got a sneak peek look at a custom two-part pack that has a slide-out tray inside, with a shrink label on the outer component. The pack is ready to hit the shelves at retail.

Read all about it and 9 more innovations in Sweet and tasty packaging trends on display

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