Top packaging quotes of 2018

Rick Lingle in Packaging Design on December 20, 2018

Notable insights and sound bites Packaging Digest heard this year from experts at companies including Amazon, Frito-Lay, Anheuser Busch, HAVI, Jabil Packaging Solutions and others that are worth repeating.


“I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.”

Lou Holtz, Sports Analyst

As deliverers of information and news, packaging journalists are privileged to interview some of the best and brightest minds and visionaries in the business. We ask a lot of questions and frequently tough ones, but when we know more, then our readers do, too. Even after decades of interviews, we remain impressed by the insightful, fascinating and even brilliant things people tell us.

Because many are worth repeating, we’ve taken a fresh look at PD’s annual end-of-year Top or Best of lists to put the spotlight on a selection of “notable quotables” that are intended to be a breezy, visually-driven informative review.

Sources range from brand and marketing managers to C-Level executives to consultants to vendor experts and others for topics that include ecommerce, sustainability, robotics, package design, ocean plastics, IoT and smart packaging, 3D printing and other on-trend issues.

Enough with the introductory verbosity, let’s kick off our slideshow with a quote from a world-class company that seems to have the ear of billions across the globe when its managers speak. It is, of course, ecommerce front-seat driver Amazon, which discloses its ultimate mission on the next page.

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