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Top packaging quotes of 2018

Top packaging quotes of 2018

Notable insights and sound bites Packaging Digest heard this year from experts at companies including Amazon, Frito-Lay, Anheuser Busch, HAVI, Jabil Packaging Solutions and others that are worth repeating.

“I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.”

Lou Holtz, Sports Analyst

As deliverers of information and news, packaging journalists are privileged to interview some of the best and brightest minds and visionaries in the business. We ask a lot of questions and frequently tough ones, but when we know more, then our readers do, too. Even after decades of interviews, we remain impressed by the insightful, fascinating and even brilliant things people tell us.

Because many are worth repeating, we’ve taken a fresh look at PD’s annual end-of-year Top or Best of lists to put the spotlight on a selection of “notable quotables” that are intended to be a breezy, visually-driven informative review.

Sources range from brand and marketing managers to C-Level executives to consultants to vendor experts and others for topics that include ecommerce, sustainability, robotics, package design, ocean plastics, IoT and smart packaging, 3D printing and other on-trend issues.

Enough with the introductory verbosity, let’s kick off our slideshow with a quote from a world-class company that seems to have the ear of billions across the globe when its managers speak. It is, of course, ecommerce front-seat driver Amazon, which discloses its ultimate mission on the next page.


From How Amazon developed a leak-free trigger sprayer

Next: Amazon made news headlines regarding its incentive program, and PD’s analysts provided their insightful context to the groundbreaking news.


Amazon PQ Brian Wagner for Top Quotes of the Year

From Packaging analysts applaud Amazon’s new incentive program

Next: PepsiCo Frito-Lay doubles down on making packaging sociable.


From Lay’s Potato Chip bags use smile power to help kids in need

Our “two for one” special includes another campaign further demonstrating the company’s socially-adept skillset.

From ‘Note-able’ Frito-Lay snacks packaging allows consumers to get personal

Next: Who knew that wireless technology expertise would be fundamental to a packaging development?

Quote Conductive Intelligence Greg Clark 

From Consumers can heat products on the go with smart packaging

Next: Home delivery of medications and medical supplies is on the rise—and that’s a healthy thing. 

From Medical packaging revamp cures sustainability concerns

Next: The trend in clean labels expands beyond the ingredients.

 Quotes HAVI Clean Packaging

From Clean packaging: The next step in consumer transparency

 Next: Using packaging to unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things.

Quotes Smarter IoT Packaging 

From How to make smart packaging even smarter

Next: Is the problem really ocean plastics?


From A sea of voices: Trends and perspectives in marine plastic pollution

Next: Market shifts and the unexpected benefits of flexible packaging.

Quotes flexible pkg Nova

From How flexible packaging trends are shifting and why

Quotes EcoPack clear benefits

From Unique food crate with supply-chain benefits takes root

Next: Two viewpoints on 3D printing for packaging and production.

Packaging Digest reported on the hot topic of 3D printing several times in 2018

 Quotes 3D printing Carl Dekker

From How 3D printing helps with packaging parts and prototypes

And there was this advice from long-time Packaging Digest contributor John Henry:


From How to assemble a Franken-line, without the monster headaches

Next: A cautionary tale about holistic design and packaging fails.

 Quotes Joe Pagliaro holistic design

From For want of a locating lug…the saga of a badly designed bottle

Next: The incredible one-bottle 4-pack.

Quotes TOAk Walter Apodaca 

From Novel tea steeped in packaging innovation

Next: Who knew the end was in sight?

Just as we’re getting to know these pioneering personable cobots better in this mid-year feature…

 Quotes Rethink Robotics

From Cobots in packaging 2018: A debriefing with Rethink Robotics

...but by  December it was already time to bid farewell to Rethink, which was unexpectedly closed down; you can read the rest of the story in Bye-bye Baxter, so long Sawyer

Next and last: Packaging gets smarter for Anheuser Busch and for Amazon

Quotes AB Keenan Thompson

From Budweiser brings a flash of smart-packaging genius to the FIFA World Cup

As a bookend to our start with Amazon we end the Top Quotes of the year with a final reference to the retail behemoth.Quotes Jabil Pkg Amanda Williams

From Smart packaging helps boost Amazon’s auto-replenish service

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