What ecommerce packaging is going to look like in 2018

By Victoria Greene in Packaging Design on October 20, 2017

Ecommerce is taking up more of the retail market with every passing year. So if brands wish to see their businesses flourish, low standards of packaging design cannot factor into the equation.

Packaging may seem like an afterthought to some, but 58% of the 2,000 respondents surveyed for Sealed Air said that if they received a damaged or broken product from an online store, they would consider purchasing from a competitor or simply refuse to purchase from the same retailer in the future. So, as demand for online shopping increases, so does the need for superior packaging solutions.

Here are five up-and-coming ecommerce packaging trends to look out for in the year ahead. 


credit: wikimediacommons

1. Frustration-free CPEX (Customer Packaging Experience)

Packaging must be able to perform its basic function and should be optimized to house products safely and securely. Since Amazon represents the pinnacle of ecommerce, it comes as no surprise that its internal packaging protocols are also worthy of note.

Taking careful consideration for customers’ experiences of their packaging, in an interview with Packaging Digest, Amazon's senior manager of worldwide packaging, Brent Nelson, explained that Amazon’s Certification Guidelines state the need for sellers to optimize their packaging to suit ecommerce:

“Packaging designed for brick-and-mortar retail is in many cases not optimal for online fulfillment. Packaging designed to stand out on a retail shelf is often oversized, with expensive ‘romance’ design aesthetics, redundant features to prevent theft, and not capable of surviving the journey to the customer.”

Take a look at some of the tips over at Amazon’s frustration-free packaging homepage for more advice.


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