Worm-gear motors

January 29, 2014

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Worm-gear motors

The co. prepares special, ultra-compact worm-gear motors for food-industry applications. The BC2000/M is described as an enclosed, asynchronous, single-phase motor with external ventilation, 230 VAC power, S1 duty, 2,800 rpm with an integral automatic safety device and Class F compliance with the CEI EN 60034-1 regulations. The BC2000/T is an enclosed asynchronous 3-phase motor with external ventilation, S1 duty, 2,800 rpm, 230/400 VAC and Class F compliance with the same CEI regs. BC2000/12-24 MP are permanent magnet dc motors, S1 duty, 12 or 24 Vdc, 2,800 rpm, Class H, complying with the same regulations.

Mini Motor S.r.l., 39/0522.951889.


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