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xpedx is the leading business to business distributor of packaging, facility and printing supplies and equipment in North America.

xpedx® is Packaging Expertise® – delivering innovative, customized solutions that organize, protect and enhance the value of your business. We distribute packaging products and services to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and grow your company.

Your package is more than a container – it can breathe new life into your brand and positively impact your ROI. From concept to design, production to distribution and consumption, xpedx has the insight and experience to uncover all the ways in which packaging can become more efficient and generate more sales and increased profits for your business.

Customized Workflow Solutions

xpedx will help you develop a packaging process that minimizes steps, energy and time. It starts by reviewing your entire packaging process. Using our exclusive site survey, xpedx will evaluate each supply chain link. Next, we’ll identify every possible method to reduce operational costs in materials, engineering, design, processes, labor and more – streamlining your production in a cost-effective manner.

Comprehensive Package Design

Our 65+ packaging design experts located in Package Design & Engineering℠ Centers across the country take a comprehensive approach to packaging design – one that includes a blend of structural and graphic design. Give us your design challenges, and we’ll provide you with real-world solutions that decrease package weight and materials, reduce returns due to damage, incorporate sustainable practices and more. xpedx can also improve the visual and physical design of your packaging with original art to support your brand, and utilize the effective print methods and mediums that will inspire consumers to take action.

Sourcing Made Simple

Gain greater efficiencies in your supply chain with xpedx. Our synchronized supply and demand system has the products you need – when you need them. This helps to minimize lost time and delays that would ordinarily interrupt workflow and negatively impact your bottom line. Our warehousing and distribution capabilities free up space, cash and labor by implementing high-value delivery options – while expediting, monitoring and controlling inbound and outbound freight. xpedx will improve handling and logistics throughout your entire supply chain for greater efficiency – and ultimately – increased net value.


We’ll ensure your business has what it needs to be conscientious stewards of natural resources. xpedx selects products from environmentally responsible suppliers with high sustainability scorecards, and shows you how to generate less waste by minimizing or eliminating materials, reduce trips and emissions by loading trucks to capacity, introduce a recycling program and more. Incorporating green products and practices will also help you meet sustainable retailer requirements and therefore appeal to more businesses.

xpedx offers actionable solutions to your packaging challenges. We bring together the best ideas and materials, cutting-edge equipment and software, proven processes and original design to provide you with an improved ROI.

To learn more about our Packaging Expertise solutions, visit or call 888 xpedx-PK. We’ll send you a Packaging Expertise Kit and a free jump drive video, plus offer a complimentary analysis of your supply chain.

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Cartons & Boxes

Where can you get stock and custom cartons and boxes at a competitive price? And can you be confident they’ll survive the rigors of delivery and distribution? Introducing custom corrugated solutions that go way beyond the box.

Packaging & Shipping Supplies

From shrink film to stretch film – from cushioning to closures, xpedx distributes a wide variety of packaging and shipping supplies.We help customers reduce procurement costs by standardizing products and consolidating purchases with fewer vendors. And because we're also trained in structural package design, you get the packaging expertise you require.

Retail Packaging Supplies

Retail is complicated. Whether you require a certain look and feel to meet brand specifications or a special pallet configuration to meet a retailer’s guidelines, xpedx can help. Turn to us to deliver more ROI with expertise in a full range of stock and custom retail packaging supplies.Many of the world’s largest brands trust xpedx to source products from a broad network of strategic suppliers. Our experts will work with you to identify and procure products that support distinct brand guidelines. And we have access to your vital not-for-sale items, too – all the products you rely on behind the scenes to keep business booming.

Food Packaging Products

You have to balance important safety issues, satisfy demanding industry regulations, and meet unique retail customer requirements. Trust the experts at xpedx to deliver food-grade packaging solutions across a wide range of food categories.xpedx offers way more than standard food packaging products for food and beverage manufacturers. We also offer package design services to help you meet critical business objectives.

Package Design Services

Your product is about to make its greatest journey: from the shop floor to the shopping cart. Along the way, it will have to survive the rigors of weather and travel, adhere to industry guidelines, support brand messaging and entice buyers to take action.Our comprehensive approach to package design involves a critical blend of structural and graphic design. With design centers positioned strategically across North America, our industry experts deliver custom designed packaging solutions to dramatically impact your top and bottom line.
Supplier Categories: 
Tape Sealers
We can provide box sealing (case tapers), carton sealers, drop sealers, and automatic L-bar sealers.
From shrink film to stretch film – from cushioning to closures, xpedx distributes a wide variety of packaging and shipping supplies.
Stretch Wrappers
Seal, wrap, shrink or pack. Stretch, clip, case or strap. And do it all with high-performing packaging equipment that boosts productivity.
Shrink Wrappers and Tunnels
We can provide high speed flow wrappers, shrink bundlers, shrink wrappers, and automatic PVC shrink band applicators.
We aren’t limited by geography or production capabilities – xpedx corrugated specialists identify the best product and facility to meet your unique needs – locally or globally.
We offer a wide range of cushioning materials including, bubble wrap, foams, padded mailers, partitions and wadding.
Strapping and Components
We offer a variety of strapping tools and systems. Our packaging solutions combine extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise to improve operations – transforming every day challenges into dramatic cost savings.
Packaging Line Design and Optimization
xpedx offers packaging line optimization to enhance end- of-the-line efficiencies, maximize your productivity and boost your bottom line.
Package Designers
We offer expertise at every touch point in the packaging process – design, engineering, materials, equipment, workflow and logistics.
We offer multiple solutions for packaging applications, providing machine films and hand stretch film solutions, as well as carton sealing, masking, filament, cloth, flatback and other tape solutions.
Life of a Box

So, you’ve got an awesome product. And your job is to get your awesome product into the hands of as many people as possible. But did you ever think about all the stuff your product has to go through before it gets there?  Probably not.  So take a journey with us and explore the life of a box.  That’s right, a box.

xpedx Package Design

Access More Than 65 Packaging Design Experts through 13 xpedx Packaging Design Centers. Structural experts and graphic designers come together to create the North American network of xpedx package design centers – built and staffed to differentiate your product, grow your business and reveal cost savings at every turn.

xpedx Packaging Expertise®

xpedx is your packaging expert. xpedx offers expertise at every touchpoint in the packaging process .... From design, engineering and materials … to equipment workflow, and logistics.

Widmer Success Story

xpedx Creates a Box without Corners to Reveal a Variety of Widmer Brothers Beers. By designing a unique box that allows consumers to see the bottles inside, and handling the intricate kitting and fulfillment required for the retail market, xpedx serves as a one-stop shop for a new variety pack of Widmer Brothers Beer.

"… and these little bottles went to market."

Looking to enter a new market? Learn how xpedx helped Owens-Illinois assess a new opportunity.

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