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ZeroWater gets brand and packaging makeover

Article-ZeroWater gets brand and packaging makeover

ZeroWater's successful launch of its filtered water products onto national retailer shelves like Target was stimulated by a comprehensive re-branding program the company undertook with Hanson Design, a digital brand marketing and design firm.


ZeroWater products launched in over 1700 Target stores in August. Target's merchandise management team said ZeroWater's compelling new brand, packaging and website factored into its decision to sell ZeroWater nationwide.


"Hanson got us right away," said ZeroWater President Doug Kellam. "We are first and foremost a technology company and the new brand identity, packaging and website clearly showcase the benefits of our superior filtration system."


Because of impressive Target results, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wegmans signed up to sell ZeroWater products in October. ZeroWater Chief Marketing Officer Ed Matthews says "both retailers were impressed with how the bold black packaging design gave our products a robust pop on Target shelves against a sea of blue and white packaging."


Hanson's strategic analysis, ideation sessions and market research led to an approach highlighting the innovative water purification technology. The new brand tagline - "If it's not all zeroes, it's not all ZeroWater®" -- leverages the product's ability to produce filtered water that measures an absolute 000 on a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter. Water filtered through ZeroWater products is the only filtered water that meets the FDA definition for purified bottled water.


To introduce the company's national television campaign, ZeroWater's advertising agency proposed a commercial centered on the black background graphics and copy of the ZeroWater packaging. "Rarely do you see such a successful collaboration between package design and TV production agencies," says Ed Matthews. "The connection between the strong package graphics on retailers' shelves with the television spot and our branded e-commerce website creates extremely powerful synergies for our brand."


According to Gil Hanson, CDO of Hanson Design, "Our ability to appreciate the revolutionary capabilities of ZeroWater's filtration technology enabled us to position ZeroWater's products as the premier category leader and create a distinctly upscale design that features the essence of that technology."


SOURCE: Hanson Design

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