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4 packaging experiences shape the Snack Shack

4 packaging experiences shape the Snack Shack

Hands-on experiences can be educational—and fun, too! That’s the aim of the new Snack Shack interactive exhibit at the upcoming EastPack 2019 event (June 11-13; New York City).

Brought to you by Packaging Digest, the Snack Shack will contain these four entertaining stations:

1. Trendy Snack Packs—in this visual display, find inspiration in new and innovative snack packaging designs and see how savvy snack companies are getting a leg up on the competition.

2. Key Snack Trends—learn five major trends that are feeding the demand for convenient, healthy and eco-friendly snacks. Plus, learn about strategic partnerships, co-branding and dynamic food duos that are yielding some super snack combos in an interactive game:

3. Weird & Wild Snacks—sample edible insects, questionable candy and bizarre snacks from around the globe.

4. The Big Apple Snack Trend—from dried fruit snacks to apple bars to portable slices-and-dip combinations, consumers are increasingly turning to an apple snack a day to keep hunger at bay. See the avalanche of apple snacks hitting the market and how their packaging is pushing key messaging and perception.

Attendees to EastPack 2019 can visit the Snack Shack for free anytime during show hours. Just head to Booth 2274 to indulge in our interactive experience highlighting key trends in the fast-growing snack segment. Click here to register now!

Shana Leonard, vp, Content & Strategy, Advanced Manufacturing Group for Informa Markets, contributed to the content of this article. Informa Markets is the parent company of Packaging Digest.

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