8 Packaging Must-Reads from the First Quarter of 2020

Coronavirus-related news has been driving readership on practically every media platform for the past month. But looking back at the first three months of this year, several other topics also made our list of most-read articles here.

Among the top eight Packaging Digest articles for the first quarter of 2020, food packaging and beverage packaging were recurring themes. Packaging design, sustainable packaging, and branding also were compelling topics for our readers.

Based on page views from January 1 to March 31, 2020, here are the eight articles readers have read most on PackagingDigest.com (in reverse order):


8. 12 Snack Packages Echo Consumer Trends

Consumers like snacking, and packaging professionals like reading about snack packaging. A dozen examples of snack packs shine a light on the shift to portioned, portable packaging; healthy snacking; and indulgence. Here are the 12 packages:

• Pepperidge Farm elevates the image of its popular Milano cookies with an elegant multipack tub that makes it easy to grab an indulgent snack and go.

• Antioxidant Supreme Wholesome Nuts from Daily Fresh come packed in multiple package formats (single-serve fin-sealed bags and multi-serve reclosable stand-up pouches) to address different consumption occasions. Vivid single-ingredient images pop on pouches and cartons.

• Enlightened’s Bada Bean Bada Boom brand of roasted broad (fava) beans, packed in 100-calorie, color-coded pouches, uses text-centric package graphics that are as bold as the snack’s flavors.

• Amazon-branded Wickedly Prime nuts provide ecommerce-shopping convenience, with a price break on subscription orders. Clean graphics on a white background communicate a simple ingredients list.

• That’s it-brand fruit bars use package graphics to let consumers know the product contains only two ingredients, and healthy ones, at that. The clean graphics feature one ingredient on top and one on the bottom of wraps and cartons.

• Mario Camacho pitted olives in an easy-open notched pouch offer a 100-calorie snack wherever and whenever. The pouch contains 1.05-oz of olives (sans juice), for a mess-free experience.

• A multipack paperboard box protects fragile Keto-diet-friendly Parmesan Crisps. Brand owner Proudly Pure uses chalkboard-style package graphics to evoke specials on a restaurant board.

• Gluten-free HIPPeas chickpea puffs are packed in color-coded bags with graphics depicting their lip-licking tastiness. The crunchy snacks are Certified USDA Organic.

• Shelf-stable P3 protein snacks from Planters complement the brand’s refrigerated varieties, providing an on-the-go snacking option that can be tossed in a tote bag, purse, or briefcase.

• Sugarfina fills reusable coffee tumblers with sealed bags of coffee-infused gummy bears. The concept is part cold-brew coffee, part sweet treat.

• The Rap Snacks bag, which holds 2.75-oz of potato chips, costs nearly $8. But it comes with more than a snack: Consumers can scan the back of the bag for a chance to win an unreleased song from a hip-hop artist.

• Convenient, shelf-stable Jack Link’s Combos pair meat and cheese sticks in one package. It’s the perfect addition to a lunchbox or backpack.

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Curious to see the top articles from just last month, March 2020? For the last couple weeks of the month, most of the world was consumed by a flood of news about the coronavirus pandemic. PackagingDigest.com has been covering the impacts on the packaging community. But the packaging community’s focus for the full month centered on trends in foods, beverages, and sustainability.

Based on page views, here are the five best-read articles for March 2020:

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2. Most Food Cans No Longer Use BPA in Their Linings(also in the top list of 1Q2020)

3. 12 Snack Packages Echo Consumer Trends(also in the top list of 1Q2020)

4. Packaging and Food Waste: Insights and Advice

5. 5 Sustainable Packaging Trends to Look Out for in 2020 (also in the top list of 1Q2020)

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