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in Packaging Education and Training on November 05, 2016

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Let’s talk ‘open design’ for packaging machinery

Every Pack Expo, new packaging themes/trends emerge. After three days of walking the show, one for this year is machine accessibility—for faster changeover, and easier maintenance and/or cleaning.

The 9500 vertical form-fill-seal system from Pacmac (Booth S-2451) is the poster child of machine accessibility, with doors that open in front and on both sides. The newest sanitary design launched at Pack Expo.

Addressing the need for easy-to-clean machines, Pacmac built VFFS systems with a forming tube and sealing jaws that slide out, solid 2-inch stainless steel frame (no tubing), and angled cabinets and doors.

The intermittent-motion system can run various bag formats, including pillow and zipper bags. Speed varies with bag size and product loading, but one customer is running bags of fresh carrots at about 150 bags per minute.

While easy cleaning was the impetus for the open design, it also helps reduce changeover time and facilitates servicing.

— Lisa McTigue Pierce, executive editor


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