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Low-cost, high-speed digital printing technology launches at PACK EXPO

Low-cost, high-speed digital printing technology launches at PACK EXPO
The Memjet printhead is less than 9 inches wide, contains 70,000 nozzles and releases more than 700 million drops of color ink/second.



Memjet nozzle

Memjet launches high-speed, color on-demand printing technology with the simplicity of digital printing for consumer packaged goods companies. 

"We believe that Memjet technology is disruptive and will have a dramatic impact on how color printing is used in packaging activities," said Sean Marske, president of Memjet Labels.

"The technology gives you the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want it, and where you want it, making near-line color label printing possible for ‘just-in-time' and other manufacturing operations. This reduces waste and accelerates the workflow process. It also enables brand owners and manufacturers to move their label, tag, ticket, card and folding-carton printing out of a centralized print facility and directly onto their factory or warehouse floors," he added.

The company provides the core technology that allows OEM partners to deliver new value to their target markets with fast and affordable color printers. Memjet technology has already been incorporated into several commercially available labels, packaging and addressing products, including the following: Astro Machine Corp: M1 and M2; MainStream LLC: The 12 Pacc; OWN-X Industrial (Europe): SpeedStar 3000; Rapid Machinery Company (Australia): Rapid X1 and Rapid X2.

"Memjet is a promising technology, altogether new, unlike any other available technology," said George Selak, president of Astro Machine Corporation, a Memjet OEM partner. "The printhead is nearly 9-in. wide, as opposed to the typical small heads that have to be stitched together. The fast process color from a single printhead creates a compelling value proposition for our customers," he added.

"The first color label printers on the market have been relegated to niches because they are slow and their running costs are high," said Fred Noll, president of MainStream LLC, another Memjet partner. "Memjet color printing technology allows us to serve a broad market because we can overcome these previous speed and running cost obstacles."

PACK EXPO also was the first public demonstration of the Memjet wide-format technologies. A 42-inch-wide print engine printed color, on-demand, on folding carton and corrugated packaging material. Memjet will be making a series of announcements for a variety of industries in 2011.
Memjet's breakthrough design delivers more than 700 million drops per second of color ink through more than 70,000 nozzles on a single, stationary printhead. The core technology consists of 8.77-in. printheads, custom ASICs, software and ink that OEMs incorporate into their printers. The Memjet technology is protected by 3,000 global patents; 2,000 more are pending.



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