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The New Year intensifies our focus

The New Year intensifies our focus

Like the “Bang!” of a starting gun, the New Year often triggers an ardent resolution to move forward—often in fresh directions. But the reality is, we usually change behavior gradually rather than jarringly overnight.

Case in point…for the last couple years, many of you have been keeping up with packaging developments by subscribing to relevant newsletters, reading articles online and watching videos on your computer, tablet or smartphone. With so much information coming at you, a digital format has made it that much easier to search, file and share what you are most interested in and what is most helpful to you.

In a survey we did late in 2013, nearly three-quarters of you (71%) told us that you spend more time consuming packaging content online than in print. So in 2015, Packaging Digest will increase the digital delivery of our highly regarded articles on industry news, best practices and new technologies for packaging engineers and executives. We’re also increasing the frequency of our topic-based newsletters—Packaging Design & Concepts, for example—to twice a month instead of monthly (sign up here) and we will be posting a dozen or more articles on our website every week. Bookmark and visit often to read these relevant, compelling and exclusive articles online.

With this shift in focus, we’ll be publishing our printed issues quarterly this year instead of monthly. Let me reassure you—This is a reinforcement of our commitment to you. It will enable us to serve you faster and with more insight into the key topics that matter to you and the industry as a whole.

On that point, we’re always open to hearing from you about your challenges and successes. Send me a quick note anytime at Additionally, we’ll be soliciting advice on the topics we need to cover from our newly-seated Editorial Advisory Board. The nine members represent key markets, such as food and pharmaceuticals, as well as provide a cross-section of various functions, such as packaging R&D, engineering and design. Consumer packaged goods, healthcare and academia all have a voice.

Here’s another recent improvement designed to help you interact more easily with our online packaging community: We’ve recently implemented a “Single Sign On” feature on our website. This means you register once and are able to download whitepapers, sign up for events and leave comments on articles without having to give us your contact information over and over. If we recognize your e-mail address from our existing audience database, our SSO system will even automagically populate many fields, saving you time and eliminating a potential source of frustration.

Happy New Year!

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