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December 2021

12 Best New Food & Beverage Packages of 2021-cover-web.jpg

Top Food & Beverage Packages of 2021

Need inspiration for your next food and beverage package design? Look no further than these top 12 packages launched in 2021.


November 2021


Packaging Automation Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a host of stresses — from a labor shortage to supply disruptions — on manufacturers. But as we’re beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel, successful packaging production operations are moving beyond pandemic pains to leverage automation trends that have emerged and accelerated during this unprecedented crisis. In this ebook, learn how to help your operation implement and improve on the best automation solutions in the market.


September 2021


Lessons from Flexible Packaging’s Sustainability Journey

Flexible packaging’s innate sustainability appeal of source reduction is now bolstered by recyclable, compostable, recycled content, and renewable options.


June 2021

colbert ebook cover image.jpg

Moving Sustainability Forward in Packaging … into the next era

How are brands advancing their sustainability goals through packaging? The strategies are varied, but some themes emerge.


December 2020

cover image amcor.png

What Progress Have We Seen in Packaging Sustainability This Year?

Packaging sustainability has advanced in 2020, despite the year’s almost insurmountable health, social, and economic challenges. The industry has taken deep strides in flexible packaging recycling, circular economy commitments, and plastic waste reductions.


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