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Packaging educators bring unbiased reviews of food and beverage trends

Packaging educators bring unbiased reviews of food and beverage trends
Andy Drennan, svp, Food Processing Suppliers Assn. explains the benefits of the event's packaging-related educational program.

Top food and beverage packaging trends will be impartially presented at this year’s Process Expo from the Food Processing Suppliers Assn. (FPSA), scheduled for Sept. 15-18, 2015, at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The packaging-related sessions will be led by academics from leading international packaging educational institutions, including Michigan State University, Purdue University, University of Guelph and the Intl. Safe Transit Assn.

Among the packaging topics covered at the event’s “Process Expo U” educational program are:

• Advancements in Aseptic Processing and Packaging;

• The Role of Packaging in Food Fraud Prevention;

• New Packaging Trends and their Impact on In-Package Atmospheres;

• Innovative Developments in Food Packaging; and

• Dynamic Testing of Packaged Food Products to Minimize Supply Chain Risk.

Andy Drennan, FPSA’s svp, tells Packaging Digest the benefits of this educational model and what packaging professionals will get out of the overall event.

Why are these some of the hot topics in the food and beverage packaging industry? How do they connect to overall food and beverage trends?

Drennan: In developing the content for the show, FPSA works with our members and educational partners to determine the most relevant trends that impact food and beverage manufacturers. For the packaging sessions, we worked with the packaging professionals on our show committee to develop educational that address trends that are greatly impacting the industry.  Additionally, we will be continuing to add additional packaging sessions during the next six months.

Your partnership with leading packaging institutions is an intriguing model for your educational program. What do they bring to the table that industry professionals might not?

Drennan: Process Expo specifically partners with the leading academics from packaging educational institutions because they give attendees unbiased evaluations of the food and beverage industry trends, not simply to promote a product. Food and Beverage packaging and processing professionals know that we provide educational programming that provides the highest level of insight into trends that are directly relevant to them. 

You say that packaging is an integral part of the show, with a third of the exhibitors in this area. How much of the conference program will be devoted to packaging?

Drennan: This year we will have the most packaging sessions in the history of Process Expo. The whole educational program will be geared towards all food and beverage professionals with many sessions that impact both the packaging and processing industries.

What are the benefits of packaging professionals joining their processing colleagues at this event?

Drennan: Packaging and processing machinery has become complimentary as most food and beverage companies are looking for whole line solutions. With the co-locations of The Dairy Show and InterBev, Process Expo will be this year’s largest U.S. event where industry professionals can find solutions specifically for the food and beverage packaging and processing professional.

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