Packaging trends that dominated in 2018

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Packaging Education and Training on December 19, 2018

Sustainability, ecommerce, customer experience, cannabis and snacking stand out, along with other trends, that represent significant influences on packaging design, development and production this year.

Our end-of-year analysis revealed these 11 most-popular packaging-trends-related articles, based on page views from our global audience. We start where nearly all new package development projects start: With the consumer. First up are new consumer views on sustainability from an expert in socio-cultural trends…


11. 4 new consumer sustainability trends and their packaging implications

Have you noticed that people have a different relationship with their physical stuff now in our digitalized world? Sharon Greene did. She’s director of socio-cultural trends and strategy development at strategic management consulting company Alice Labs. In a short video, she explains how four new consumer sustainability trends offer opportunities for packaging developers:

1. Repurpose

2. Reuse

3. Research

4. Rejoice


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