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Lisa Pierce in Packaging Education and Training on December 19, 2018


9. Packaging revelations from Frito-Lay, Campbell Soup and more

Smaller entrepreneurs often thrill with unique and winning product/package ideas. But one reason major brand owners are, well, major is because they have the resources and clout to execute on forward-thinking technologies.

For example:

• Garry Kohl, senior director R&D, snacks category, global packaging innovation at PepsiCo, talks about Frito-Lay’s “Holy Grail” pursuit in bioplastics: “We’re even looking at biodegradable packaging that you could flush down your toilet. Our goal is to develop packaging that [truly] disappears in the ocean.”

• Robert Weick, vp packaging R&D, Campbell Soup, shares the company’s ecommerce plans and says, “The challenge is to design for the unknown, such as discovering a closure leaks when the packaging isn’t kept upright when shipped via ecommerce.”

• The “more” in the headline are two innovative plastic packaging technologies:

1. The first commercial launch of the LiquiForm airless molding technology into market for an embossed bottle for Nature’s Promise brand hand soap. The technology uses the packaged product instead of compressed air to simultaneously form and fill containers. By combining forming and filling into one step, the process eliminates costs associated with the equipment and energy of the traditional blow-molding process along with the handling, transport and warehousing of empty containers.

2. The SureHandle 2-liter PET bottle from Pretium Packaging offers exceptionaltop-load strength that allows brands to eliminate secondary packaging like cases for shipping. The strengthening effect of the handle acts as a flying buttress support, like medievel cathedral ceilings.


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