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Unpack our ‘Top 10’ of 2018

Unpack our ‘Top 10’ of 2018

What were the top stories in 2018 on We’ve already shared topic focused lists for food packaging, beverage packaging, ecommerce packaging, sustainable packaging, pharmaceutical and medical device packaging, along with the top packaging trends, packaging production and notable quotables.

But there’s also value in seeing which articles rose to the tippy top, so we’ve also prepared this basic Top 10 list for your (re)viewing pleasure.

It’s interesting to note that half of the articles in our Top 10 list were written in 2016 (two) and 2017 (three). All five pre-2018 articles covered topics that are still current and highly relevant with packaging professionals—sustainability and packaging design.

Enjoy our countdown to the No.1 article of the year!


10. How sustainable are biodegradable and plant-based plastics? (posted in 2017)

Rethinking all aspects of the plastics supply chain in terms of full lifecycle, from sourcing to end-of-life, is the key for manufacturers and major brands aiming to design into a more circular plastics economy.


9. 10 packaging trends and news rockin’ 2018 (so far)

A quick look back reveals what packaging trends and topics caught your attention the first six months of 2018. New packaging designs, sustainability innovations and Amazon-on-ecommerce rise to the top as the most read articles from January to June.


8. 10 ways to design sustainable packaging with intent (posted in 2016)

The viability of true sustainability is a complex economic challenge, and the ugly truth is that few consumers, brand owners or municipalities are willing to pay the premium price for cutting-edge sustainable packaging solutions. What can you do now?


7. Chew on this: Packaging trends for new sweets and snacks

The booming business of candy and snacks took center stage in Chicago’s McCormick Place May 22-24 at NCA’s 2018 Sweets and Snacks Expo. Here are 10 nifty new items and fascinating trends on display at the show.


6. Most food cans no longer use BPA in their linings

At least 90% of today’s food cans have replaced linings that previously contained the controversial chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), according to the Can Manufacturers Institute. This is in reaction to market demands for more options in food safety.


5. 5 packaging design trends on the way out in 2018 (posted in 2017)

Say ba-bye to overly masculine packaging graphics, tiny type and boring colors. As 2017 wound down, new emerging trends showed these dated designs the door.


4. 8 sustainable packaging hits of 2017 (posted in 2017)

Projects by Coca-Cola, McCormick and Procter & Gamble led our top sustainable packaging articles of the year, with some of the highest page views of all stories posted this year on Follow us down a rewarding path of sustainable packaging achievements and new ideas, starting with a company that has 23 billion-dollar brands…

Delici dessert cups

3. Decadent Delici dessert packaging designed for Costco (posted in 2016)

Premium desserts sold at Costco in heavyweight glass cups trayed and sleeved in 6-packs are presented in a decadently tasteful packaging design.

Amazon SIOC example

2. Amazon incentivizes brands to create Frustration-Free Packaging

In mid-September, Amazon sent letters to thousands of brand-owner vendors affected by a new packaging program. So if you were wondering whether to design or redesign your packaging for the ecommerce channel, this might help you decide.

And, ta da…


1. You know you’re a packaging engineer if

Do you cringe when you hear someone say cardboard? Or have an irresistible urge to scold a person when you see them rip open a package in a way that ruins the reclosable feature? Here are some entertaining answers our Packaging Digest audience submitted when we asked them how they would finish the sentence “You know you’re a packaging engineer if…”

We’ve received some new submissions and will share those in early 2019. If you’ve got a saying to add, please do that here.

What topics do you want us to cover in 2019? Please comment below. Thanks for reading!


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