The top 6 healthcare packaging topics of 2017

Daphne Allen in Packaging Research on December 20, 2017

It’s been a busy year for packaging professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We’ve seen a number of exciting packaging advances emerge with the potential to transform patient care, and we’ve seen a lot of regulatory activity raise the bar for packaging and labeling. 

Here we count down to the top 6 topics trending in healthcare packaging, according to the most popular articles PMP News published in 2017. We start with the 6th top category . . . 

#6: Inspection

Ensuring package integrity is a top concern for pharmaceutical and medical packaging professionals. Bhaskar Ramakrishnan’s article, “4 options for in-line 100% seal inspection,” examines the potential of integrating machine vision into production lines for 100% non-destructive inspection of seal integrity. It was one of 2017’s top articles. 

Several articles on package testing from past years also attracted attention in 2017. These include “Strength and integrity, part one: The basics of medical package testing” and “Strength and integrity, part two: Basics of seal-strength testing,” both by Stephen Franks, and "Package performance testing conundrum: Solved!" by Patrick Nolan. 

Above image: Example of a Class III medical device seal that contains a hair that is undetectable to the human eye. Image courtesy DWFritz Automation Inc.

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