Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

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Cap seal
Cap seal



Cap seal

Instead of the traditional four-layer laminate seal comprising PET, foamed PE, aluminum and a seal layer, the co. has developed a laminate seal that replaces the PET and PE with a single layer of PET50. Developed for sauce and condiment producers, the foil acts as an inlay to the screw cap of sauce bottles to ensure pack integrity, tamper evidence and product freshness. Once the bottle is filled, the screw cap is applied and, by induction sealing, the aluminum foil-based liner is sealed to the bottle. The seal provides sufficient isolation to avoid melting of the screw cap and mirrors the purpose of the foam layer, which traditionally also provides rigidity, the co. states.

Vaassen Flexible Packaging, (a Clondalkin Group Co.), 215/440-0570.


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