Cut the clutter to get your packaging news NOW

John Kalkowski

January 29, 2014

2 Min Read
Cut the clutter to get your packaging news NOW

In today's business world, success often seems to be driven by two major factors: knowledge and speed. In other words, you've got to know where you're going and get there first.

Access to information no longer seems to be the problem. Quite the opposite. Now, we frequently are deluged with too much information. There is a lot of data to sift through to find the one nugget that can lead to more efficient manufacturing or being the first to introduce a new product to the market. How do you sort through the clutter and keep on top of the news that's important to your work and livelihood? Hopefully, you do that by reading Packaging Digest either online or in print. Either way, we strive to bring you packaging information that's relevant and timely.

Increasingly, packagers and product manufacturers are starting to rely on electronic media to quickly update themselves on market developments. However, many of you have told us you are concerned about how to find the specific information you seek and then whether it's accurate or not. While the Internet has allowed us exponential increases in access to information, it's often unfiltered and unchecked. At PD, we produce firsthand stories about how real packagers are achieving success and what new products are available to help them achieve their goals. In addition, we wade through the oceans of information available from global sources to capture material pertinent to the business of packaging.

In November, PD will introduce a new lineup of newsletters that are designed to appeal to your specific interests. In addition to our daily newsletter with the most current packaging news, we will offer monthly updates in topics you've said are most important to you: Food and Beverage Packaging, Medical & Personal Care Packaging, Sustainable Packaging, Packaging Automation & Controls and Packaging Concepts.

In addition, PD is making other behind-the-scenes changes that will expand our online capabilities and increase delivery speeds. Recently, PD also added an online Resource Center to help you easily find information from industry vendors, as well as blogs dealing with hot packaging topics written by industry experts. We have also placed all of these stories into refocused, online channels that help make it easier to find the information you seek. It's no wonder that people seeking online packaging intelligence most frequently are referred to

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