Display Ready Packaging – The Next Generation in Retail Shopping

Ariel R

January 29, 2014

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Display Ready Packaging – The Next Generation in Retail Shopping

Display ready packaging, sometimes called retail ready packaging, represents the future of retail storage, display, and transport. Display ready packaging not only saves retailers money, it helps them track products during shipping, save time on display setup, and better protects products during shipping and storage.

Display Ready Packaging Saves Money
Display ready packaging saves money in several ways. One way that it helps save money is in labor costs. Before display ready packaging products were shipped on pallets that had to be unloaded, placed in storage and then unpacked. The products would then be moved from storage to the sales floor and set up on selves to display for shoppers to choose. This system used lots of manpower, and retailers were forced to spend loads of money on labor. Display ready packaging is not a new idea, but now it is available to everybody. One reason that warehouse stores can offer such low prices is that they drop a pallet full of products into the middle of the floor with minimal labor for setup and storage. Display Ready Packaging follows the same idea only with retail ready packaging the displays are stronger than previous materials and are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing. Labor costs are cut because there are no unloading or storage issues to be dealt with. The products are displayed nicely inside their shipping containers so that they can be placed directly on the sales floor.

Retail Ready Packaging Transport and Tracking
RFID is the new tracking tool being used by all industries to track products. For those who do not know, RFIDs are small microchips with radio frequency identifiers which are low cost and easy to mass produce. Display ready packaging is built to easily add RFIDs making the integration as easy as possible. With the old wooden pallets there was no place to put an RFID, new plastic retail ready packaging is made to accommodate both barcode scanners and RFIDs. Retailers can now track products along the supply chain and find out were and why holdups occur. Display ready packaging is made of recycled plastic which is more durable than wood. It also will not absorb orders, allowing them to be reused more easily. Plastic retail ready packaging is also impervious to acids and other abrasives, allowing shipper and retailers to move products with security.

Retail ready packaging or display ready packaging has many benefits, only a few were covered in this article. For more information on switching to display ready packaging please visit PolymerLogistics.com

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