DVD Duplicator Expands Packaging Services

January 29, 2014

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DVD Duplicator Expands Packaging Services

Mediatechnics Corporation is enhancing its On-demand Fulfillment Service facility in New Jersey by adding automated, high volume packaging equipment. According to the company, this move brings much greater cost and time efficiency to the expanding services being offered to customers.

"Our aim is to offer our media customers complete, one-stop handling of their orders," said company president Richard Wilson. He explains further that once most companies have produced their video, audio or other presentations, they contract with digital media firms to duplicate and package hundreds or thousands of them, then contract with other vendors to handle the shipping to their customers, clients or regional offices. Smaller companies often try to package, warehouse and ship on their own, causing inefficiencies to multiply increasing costs and delaying shipments.

According to a release from Mediatechnics, the company expects the move to attract a growing numbers of business and corporate accounts. Mediatechnics believes the facility will allow independent media companies promote and sell their DVDs online much more successfully and profitably than they could ever accomplish on their own.

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