Eco-friendly packaging is a 'shoe-in' at Timberland

January 29, 2014

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Eco-friendly packaging is a 'shoe-in' at Timberland

Outdoor shoe company Timberland is launching new packaging for its shoes aimed at providing new levels of transparency with regard to environmental and community impact. Featuring a so-called "nutritional label," the packaging, launched in stores beginning in 2006, is designed to provide consumers with a new information guide to aid them in the purchasing process. The labeling describes the product, including where it was manufactured and how it was produced, and lists the name and location of the factory, while its effect on the environment is noted in terms of how much of Timberland's energy is generated from renewable resources such as the sun, wind and water. The reusable footwear boxes are made of 100-percent post-consumer-recycled waste fiber, use water-based solvents in place of chemical glues and are printed with soy-based inks. Timberland will also place messaging inside the box, asking consumers, "What kind of footprint will you leave?" as an incentive to take environmental action within their own community. Each of its outdoor performance shoe pairs also comes in a reusable "take-in, take-out" biodegradable waste bag to be used on the trail. Children's footwear includes tissue wrap that educates kids about birds and animals in the woods. Links on will help consumers find local or national groups and then print shipping labels.

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