Explosives Packaging Contract Awarded

January 29, 2014

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Explosives Packaging Contract Awarded

BlastGard International has finalized an agreement with U.S. Explosive Storage to provide them with BlastWrap for insensitive munitions packaging of ammunition storage, ordnance storage, pyrotechnics storage, and other explosive materials storage, utilized, among other things, for military, governmental, and commercial use.

"This is a significant development," stated James F. Gordon, Chairman of BlastGard International, Inc. "BlastGard and U.S. Explosive are joining forces to create storage and transportation boxes that will prevent sympathetic detonation through BlastWrap's unique proprietary technology that will quench the fireball and mitigate the effects of an explosion thereby significantly reducing the damage to people and assets from such explosions.

“Additionally all magazines and storage containers will have Radio Frequency Shield protection (RFP), which will prevent the flow of radio controlled detonation systems. We will be installing BlastWrap inside storage boxes and inside the magazines. U.S. Explosives is forecasting sales of $5-6 million in year one and approximately $8 million in year two. The BlastWrap component in the new product line represents approximately $1.8 million in year one and 2.4 million in year two with ever increasing sales on a year over year basis.”

About U.S. Explosive Storage
U.S. Explosive Storage ("U.S. Explosive") is the premier manufacturer of explosive magazines for ammunition storage, ordnance storage, pyrotechnics storage, and other explosive materials storage. U.S. Explosive has over 30 years of manufacturing and design experience in the steel building industry. U.S. Explosive provides the best in storage magazines, day boxes, IME/DOT boxes, fireworks storage and portable explosive storage lockers available.

About BlastGard International, Inc.
BlastGard International, Inc. creates, designs, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary blast mitigation materials. The Company's patent-pending BlastWrap® technology effectively mitigates blast effects and suppresses post-blast fires. This unique technology is being used to create new, finished products or to retrofit to existing products. BlastWrap® is a concept (not a chemical compound) from which blast protection products are built to save lives and reduce damage to valuable assets from explosions.

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