Inspection system 2475

Linda Casey

January 29, 2014

1 Min Read
Inspection system
Ale in OmniView_thumb


Ale in OmniView_thumb

The updated OmniView 360-deg. inspection system enables detailed inspection and verification of unoriented wine and juice bottles, canned goods, pharmaceutical vials and other cylindrical packages on the production line. It can help minimize product recalls and protect brand image by ensuring product quality, help control process by identifying defects early and track parts through the supply chain by reading labels and codes at speeds up to 1200 parts/min. The system uses four cameras positioned around the conveyor to capture views of all sides of a product.  These are mapped into a 3D model using the co.’s proprietary Cognex vision technology, and then inspected using its VisionPro software library.   An additional fifth camera can be used to confirm that the lid or cap matches the label on the front of the package.

Cognex, 508/650-3000.

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