Jumex debuts clear-film aseptic drink pack in Mexico

January 29, 2014

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Jumex debuts clear-film aseptic drink pack in Mexico

Mexican beverage company Jumex is the first anywhere to adopt Tetra Pak's (www.Tetrapak.com) Tetra Wedge Aseptic Clear package, a triangular-shaped, 100-percent transparent, film version of its Tetra Wedge paperboard/PET barrier package. Jumex rolled out the single-serve package into the Mexican market in May for its Mundo Nautix vitamin-enhanced drink line. The 6.75-oz package's proprietary barrier technology uses silicon oxide/polyethylene terephthalate instead of the paperboard and aluminum foil found in other Tetra Wedge packs, and provides the same oxygen barrier. The packaging material is moisture- and puncture-resistant and comes with a film-wrapped drinking straw attached to the back. The clear package not only provides product visibility but its barriers protect the product. The aseptic processing helps seal in taste and nutrition. With its slim design, smooth sides and no sharp edges, the clear package is a shoe-in for childrens' drinks. The size and shape allow small hands to easily handle the product.

The next step, says Tetra Pak, is to bring the new technology to the U.S. through brands looking for a distinct advantage in the competitive beverage category. In fact, Tetra Pak says it plans to bring the technology to commercialization in the U.S. some time this year.

The new package is the world's first high-barrier, totally clear aseptic package. "The initial response in Mexico to this new product, distributed initially through Wal-Mart, has been great," says Jeff Kellar, Tetra Pak's vp of strategic business development. "And, the initial response from consumers surveyed in the U.S. has been equally promising, with the most common reaction among kids being 'Wow! I've never seen anything like this.'"

Demand for healthy beverages is on the rise, and Tetra Pak's Vanessa Solmaz, business development manager, says the new package will help fulfill that demand. The 6.75-oz pack allows for both high- and low-acid applications and has a shelf life up to 12 months, depending on the product. Why did Tetra Pak move into film packaging? It says, "this type of packaging makes a unique solution."

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