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March 11, 2015

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New Products: Materials



Shimmer vials

The co. is offering a new shimmer finish on their line of CVV two-piece containers. These vials, traditionally available in only clear and translucent colors, are now available in opaque shimmer shades. This finish offers a refined appearance, making it ideal for use in cosmetics and more. The CVV series is attractive, practical, functional and reusable, yet inexpensive compared to glass vials, the co. states. The vials are offered in transparent PPE or clear styrene and available in a wide variety of translucent and opaque colors. They are stocked in a broad range of diameters and lengths accommodating .44- to 6.25-fl-oz.

Caplugs, 888/227-5847.



Spouted pouch

NORDENIA USA‘s NOR®Spouch is the latest spouted pouch solution. It offers the convenience of a spout, unique handles, clear windows and custom pouch construction. Combining multiple features with high-end rotogravure printing and specialty film structures ensures that products are protected while standing prominently on the shelf. Spout and film combinations are available for both liquid and dry products.

NORDENIA USA Inc. 573/335-4900



Beverage pouches

Ampac offers beverage pouch capabilities utilizing a variety of spouts, valves and fitments to provide effective pouch solutions. Ampac has partnered with Vapur Inc. to produce a high-quality, sustainable, durable, reusable flexible water bottle using a BPA-free laminated film structure. Unlike rigid bottles, Vapur can be rolled, folded or flattened, says the company. Vapur bottles ship flat, taking nearly 90 percent less space, and use less fuel to transport.

Ampac Packaging, LLC, 513/671-1777


Ecologic Ecopure


The co. announces its additive, EcoPure™, with focus on the flexible and rigid packaging industries. The additive renders plastic biodegradable in landfills and compost facilities without affecting recyclability, processing and functionality. Furthermore, all claims are backed by test results, the co. states.

EcoLogic, 630/869-0490.



HDPE bags

The co. is introducing a new line of sustainable, NextLife Certified, high molecular weight HDPE bags and film that include 50-percent PCR plastic from reclaimed water, milk and juice containers. Offering performance equal to or exceeding that of products made entirely of virgin resin, the new environmentally-friendly bags and film are offered in clear, tint and opaque colors in a wide range of sizes and gauges, including a full line of standard and custom sized bags. Bags are available for both food and non-food applications and may be ordered on coreless rolls, paper cores or loose.

NextLife Packaging Group, 561/245-2600.



Haircare products

The co. has partnered with label.m to produce their new range of 15 mini-size haircare products. The products feature one of the fastest growing prestige professional haircare ranges. The products have been packaged in distinctive black and white 60-mL HDPE tubular bottles complete with gold and silver printing.

M&H Plastics, 540/504-0030.




The co. offers high-slip foil for tamper evident caps and lidding to protect the contents and seal in the freshness for bottles, cups and other pharmaceutical product containers. The domestically produced rolled foil works consistently well with a variety of container materials including PP, PS, PET, COC, HDPE and LDPE. The high-slip, low-friction texture of the new foil reduces the need for air pressure in the packaging machinery chute, which in turn, significantly reduces dust residue and build-up, the co. states.

Constantia Hueck Foils L.L.C., 803/404-6581.


The co. announces the availability of new color and additive concentrates specifically formulated for manufacturers of PET products. All new products conform to 21CFR. The co. has produced colors for PET for many years but just recently went through the process of having several colors tested to ensure compliance with FDA conditions A-H and US Pharmacopeia 26 standard. The certified colors include ambers, blue, red and black for use in beverage containers, prescription drug bottles and a wide variety of other packaging products. The co. is also capable of producing other custom colors for any customer requirement, including PET colors that contain various amounts of post-consumer regrind (PCR) to help customers meet recycling standards.

Plastics Color Corp., 800/922-9936.


The co. unveils its GloPrill® pigments, Gem-Tone™ colorants, Dual-tone Cambio pigments and Invisible Phantom inks for package design and development to help increase shelf appeal, build greater brand preference and enhance product security. GloPrill® FDA-compliant pigments and Gem-Tone™ FDA-approved polymeric colorants are safe for use in direct food and beverage contact packaging applications, from shrink labels to plastic bottles and from paperboard to flexible containers. Dual-tone, Cambio pigments create a unique color-shifting effect without risk of color separation or bleed from the mica base, suited for premium package designs or high-end cosmetic lines. Finally, Invisible Phantom inks feature brand protection and anti-counterfeiting for security and tracing applications.

DayGlo Color Corp., 216/391-7070.



Lamination film

The co.’s Semitone lamination film features a patented, micro-embossed surface that combines subtle appearance with a hard wearing semi-matte tactile finish resistant to finger marking. The lamination film is ideal for high speed/high volume carton board lamination where scuff resistance is vital. Its durable surface is ideal for an array of applications including cosmetic cartons, corporate literature, restaurant menus, quality brochure covers, books, CD covers and POS.

Clarifoil, +44 1332 681835.



Reflective material

UltraChrome, an extension to the FormulaX LiquidMetals Colors™ line of products, features a mirror-like finish likened to polished aluminum, chrome and plastic materials. The reflective masterbatch offers a low-cost alternative to vacuum metalizing and painting, with a reduction in production-to-market cycle time and cost because there is no need to outsource finishing or to transport products to an off-site facility for secondary processing. In addition, the single-step molding process eliminates the VOC and carbon emissions that occur in secondary painting operations.

Ampacet, 914/631-6600.



Calcium carbonate

The co.’s performance additive-calcium carbonate, HM10® series including HM10® Max, manufacturing process and its use in PE film extrusion lowered emissions and reduced energy consumption, according to a recent life cycle analyses. Replacing a portion of the plastics with a natural, mineral such as calcium carbonate can make a more environmentally friendly bag by reducing carbon emissions as well as reducing energy required to make the bag, the co. says.

Heritage Plastics Inc., 800/245-4623.



Shrink film

Light-barrier shrink film sleeves made from opaque, high performance, high-yield, lightweight PETG-HY film provides up to 99-percent UV and visible light-blocking product protection to safeguard food, beverage, nutraceuticals, vitamin waters, supplements, wine, spirits and other light-sensitive consumer packaged products.

Gilbreth USA, 800/630-2413.




Jeroboam, a new directionally adjustable and lockable pourer closure, features an efficient anti-glug system designed primarily for jerrican-style containers. The new standard 42-mm double tamper evident pourer makes 1-, 2-, 5- and 10-L containers for automotive, garden and household products easier to use, the co. says. The pouring spout can be rotated to allow the container to be used in the most convenient position and the integrated flow regulator and splash-guard device prevents both glugging and splashing of the liquid to achieve a constant accurate flow for clean and easy pouring.

Astra Plastique, +33 4 74 09 66 66.




The co. announces it has added the PPG Aerospace PRC Rapid Seal® Sealants product line. The product line offers high-performance, flexible, chemical resistant sealants that are designed for a variety of industrial applications. The sealants are available in gun grade, self-leveling and spray-applied consistencies.

Ellsworth Corp., 262/253-8600.

Dose multipacks

Convenient, portable and sanitary product testers and multipack point-of-use packages offer accurate, controlled, point-of-application reliability. A key element in the packaging of skin care product samples is proper dosing and placement, especially with OTC products. Skin care sample and unit-dose packaging are available to solve the complex product handling and dosing issues presented by unique product texture, viscosity, dispensing requirements and brand marketing packaging objectives.

J.P. Packaging, 845/469-2153.



Barrier resin

The co. has obtained regulatory clearance for OxyClear™ barrier resin for food and beverage packaging under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the European Union Packaging Directive for certain food types and processing conditions. Containers made from the barrier resin are crystal clear and protect oxygen-sensitive foods and beverages throughout their entire shelf life. Colorless and tinted containers made from the barrier resin show the same clarity as containers made from standard PET.

Invista, 877/446-8478.



Bubble packaging

The co. announces its bubble packaging, which features bubble film covered with a secondary shrink film to offer increased product stability and protection. The packaging also features reduced packaging costs, 100-percent recyclable materials and the outer shrink wrap offers possibilities for branding and marketing.

Polypack Inc., 727/578-5000.



Fragrance solutions

The co. carries a variety of items for testing fragrance formulas. These are designed to enable shoppers to try different scents at retail counters, or to provide samples of a new launch by choosing from an array of sprayers, bottles and tester strips. The co. says its customer specialists can provide samples and information on personalizing with a brand logo.

Qosmedix, 631/242-3270.

Film grades

The co. is introducing two new Label-Lyte™ oriented OPP film grades for p-s label applications. They are designed to comply with EU directives limiting the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) during manufacturing. Label-Lyte™ 50LL539 and 60LH538 OPP films are two-side coated, multi-layer, biaxially oriented BOPP label facestock designed for p-s applications requiring durability and aesthetic appeal. The 50LL539 film grade is clear while the 60LH538 grade is a white, cavitated film.

ExxonMobil Chemical, 281/870-6050.


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