Nice chocolate packaging - feel the love!

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

1 Min Read
Nice chocolate packaging - feel the love!

It seems like products that evoke the most passion tend to get the biggest feast of great designs. Take for instance liquor. It seems like we’re constantly stumbling across great beer and wine packaging designs. It’s almost as if the creators are pouring their hearts into the design to make it everything they can.Likewise for candy. You can really feel the love when you look at the best chocolate packaging. I stumbled across a gallery of gorgeous chocolate-packaging designs that show just how strong the category is — and I can’t take my eyes off some of these creations.

Beyond just the creativity exhibited, it’s interesting to see the many approaches taken to the various brands. It seems that chocolate is a product that effortlessly crosses all demographic and geographic categories.

Yumm. I think I have to wrap this up - the drool is making my keyboard act up.


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