PACK EXPO returns with more dazzle

January 29, 2014

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PACK EXPO returns with more dazzle

PACK EXPO International will focus on the latest developments in packaging technology and will showcase exhibitors' state-of-the-art advances in packaging machinery, converting machinery, materials, packages and containers and components.

Attendees include decision makers from tens of thousands of companies from the U.S. and more than 75 other countries representing multibillion-dollar industries. Corporate managers, engineers, manufacturers, quality controllers, purchasers, production supervisors, research/development and sales and marketing represent 85 percent of the PACK EXPO International attendees in a broad range of industries: food and beverage; dairy/meat/poultry/seafood; pharmaceutical/medical; chemical/household; computer, electronics; components; converting; volume printing; toys and games; aerospace; entertainment; private label; furniture/fixtures; wineries; confectionery; bakery; and snackfood.

Two additional shows will co-locate: PROCESS EXPO and CPP Expo. PROCESS EXPO will feature 350-plus exhibiting companies and will be located on the Upper and Lobby Levels of Lakeside Center at McCormick Place. The focus of PROCESS EXPO will be on the newest developments in processing technology to meet the challenges faced by the industry's food and beverage manufacturers. PROCESS EXPO exhibitors will demonstrate state-of-the-art equipment in the fruit and vegetable, beverage, canning/freezing, environmental, instrumentation, prepared foods, canmaking, meat, dairy and snackfood industries.

PROCESS EXPO will attract qualified buyers representing virtually every market segment of the food industry from all corners of the U.S. and from more than 75 countries. Visitors will come to see and purchase packaging, the latest in food processing equipment, air and liquid handling and engineering/architectural, design services, cooling/freezing and instrumentation/controls. PROCESS EXPO is sponsored and produced by the Food Processing Suppliers Assn. (FPSA).

CPP EXPO will be co-located for the first time with PACK EXPO International on the Lobby Level of Lakeside Center at McCormick Place. Reflecting the new market synergies of the package printing, converting, finishing machinery and supplies industries, CPP EXPO showcases the latest in printing, coating, slitting and other state-of-the-art finishing processes. More than 2,800 converting professionals and nearly 250 exhibiting companies attended CPP EXPO in 2005 in search of equipment, materials and services for streamlining operations and improving quality.

Two new, focused pavilions will be part of CPP EXPO: the Adhesive & Sealant Pavilion (sponsored by the Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc. [ASC]), and a pavilion sponsored by Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), which will be joined by the Control System Integrators Assn. (CSiA) and other soon-to-be-announced industry leaders.

“The expositions, focused pavilions, association sponsorships—and, of course, the industry leaders in attendance—will produce this year's largest, focused event in the world's largest market,” says Leo Nadolske, president of CPP EXPO, one of many events produced and organized by H.A. Bruno LLC. “Between unmatched cost savings for suppliers exhibiting on the show floor and turnkey solutions made available through the pavilions, we are confident that CPP EXPO 2006 will attract the largest gathering of converters and package printers that this industry has seen in one place since 2001.”

AIMCAL, ASC/Adhesives & Sealants Industry (ASI) Magazine, the Converting Equipment Manufacturers Assn. (CEMA) and CSiA have already confirmed their participation in CPP EXPO's technical presentations. The overall “supply chain” educational program will boast hundreds of hours of technical and management presentations for the tens of thousands of professionals in attendance. Stagnito's “Packaging that Sells IV Conference” program is joining PACK EXPO's offerings for the first time.

“We are delighted to continually expand and enrich PACK EXPO's offerings to both our supplier members and, of course, their key customers,” says Charles D. Yuska, president of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), sponsor and producer of PACK EXPO International. “Industry partnering of this magnitude is almost revolutionary in its concept, as it provides unmatched value and opportunity in every sector of this trillion-dollar marketplace. The excitement is building and will continue as we move closer to the show.”

Pre-registration for the show is available for $25 until Oct. 10. After that date, and at the show, registration is $50. Show registration is required to attend keynote addresses and conference programs (see sidebar on p. 63). Our show preview, which includes those suppliers that have contributed their marketing message to PD in 2006, follows below.

20/20 Hindsight—N-4645: High-resolution, high-speed cameras designed to assist in troubleshooting high-speed packaging lines. See p. 88.

3M—N-3845: Closing machines and components, case- and tray-sealing machines, dispensers/sealers, filament and strapping tapes, carry handles, tape pads, hang tabs and packing-list envelopes. See p. 49.

A.B. Sealer—N-5602: Completely welded enclosure and frame for new case erector plus redesigned pack station that automatically advances filled cases to the sealer.

A-B-C Packaging Machine—S-2230: New top case sealer, only 10-ft L, is designed to tape with hot-melt adhesive and tape interchangeably through independent sealing modules. See p. 37.

AC Technology/Lenze—E-7649: New line of compact, brushless servo motors, servo drive with expanded capabilities and additional communication modules. See p. 90.

Accutek Packaging Equipment—S-1066: In-line filling systems, including cappers, labelers, sealers, conveyors, turntables, sleevers and heat tunnels, coders, bottle orienters and washers.

ADCO Mfg.—S-2440: Top-load, horizontal and vertical hand-load through fully automatic cartoners and low-profile, wraparound sleevers.

Advanced Poly-Packaging—S-2809, N-4710: New tabletop bagger/printer with patented next-bag-out thermal-transfer printing plus full line of packaging equipment and film bags. See p. 4.

Advent Machine—E-7264: Full range of manual through fully automatic label applicators for small bottles and cartons through 5-gal pails and other round packages.

AEP Industries—N-4920: Flexible packaging, including pallet wrap, retail food-wrap films, industrial custom-film products, food-packaging products, case-ready packaging films, agricultural products and more.

Aerotech—N-5213: Single-axis servo controller combining a power supply, amplifier and position controller in a single package plus next-generation standalone controller for moderate- to high-performance applications that reportedly can daisy-chain three extra drives.

AGR Intl.—N-4820: Package-pressure tester introduced with several options in addition to portable thickness measuring device and fill-height tester.

Alcoa Packaging—S-2460: Printed extrusion and adhesive pouch materials, overwraps, linerstock, blister lidding foil, thermoformed trays, printed shrink-sleeve labels and shrink film. Newest blister-lidding solution is an easy-open, child-resistant film/foil package.

Aldelano Packaging—S-1189: Various types of packaging and fulfillment, including multipacks, POP displays, stretch and shrink film and skin packs, clamshells, blister-packs, corrugated cartons, printing and chipboard.

Algus Packaging—S-1686: Line of sealing machines forming heat-sonic and RF seals plus seal tooling and thermoformed packaging resources.

All Packaging Machinery—S-1162: Improved line of vertical band sealers and validatable medical pouch sealer with optional embossing coder. See p. 92.

ALL-CON World Systems—E-7251: Hot-melt glue-conveying system introduced as patented, proprietary, standalone, custom-engineered process for transporting pellets or chiclet-sized chips.

Allen Field—N-4850: Proprietary and custom-designed fittings, including standard, heavy-duty and decorative handles, support plates, connecting clips, hangers and display aids.

All-Fill—N-4013: New filler/checkweigher combination equipment offers powder and granular filling with in-motion checkweighing. Other equipment includes auger fillers, piston fillers and volumetric cup fillers.

Allpax Products—E-6521: A turnkey retort room manufacturer. The co.'s product line includes all equipment between the filler/sealer and primary packaging. The co.'s material handling systems handle virtually all container types, including pouches, glass bottles and jars, semi-rigid containers, bowls, cans, institutional portions and more. See p. 44.

American Fuji Seal—S-2382: High-quality labels for a variety of applications, including shrink sleeves, plastic insulation foam and plastic-in-mold, plus shrink-sleeve application equipment and heat tunnels to complement the labels. See p. C-2.

Ampac Flexibles—N-4251: Highlighting a new beverage-pouch system with a new spout, a pouch for dry product applications and packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The co. also offers retort pouches for the food industry, as well as solutions for other consumer goods. See p. 111.

AMS Filling Systems—S-1276: Full line of powder-filling machines, including a new, semi-automatic model designed for food and pharmaceutical use and a new, automatic model for filling powders, granules and particulates. See p. 1.

Angelus Sanitary Can Machine—S-2830: Latest innovations in equipment include can seamer for beverage applications, seamer for larger-diameter food cans and single-station developmental can seamer.

Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA—E-7058: New x-ray system automatically detects numerous materials while also analyzing for missing items and mass measurement, with 20+ standard analysis algorithms available in standard suite of software.

Anser Coding—N-5019: New print and curing systems hardware and software.

Apex Machine—S-748: Newly improved machine is capable of feeding, treating, 6-color printing, UV drying, overcoating and UV drying tubes. Interfaced with the machine is a range of feeders, pretreaters, cleaning systems, decoration units, dryers, coaters and unloading systems.

Armor Protective Packaging—E-5928: Corrosion-inhibiting products, including a new line of coextruded PE film bags, as well as papers, chipboard, netting, emitters, stretch film and corrugated products.

ARPAC Group—S-2241: Continuous-motion, wraparound tray loader integrates tray erecting, product collating and loading and container sealing into one, compact machine. See p. 81.

AT Information Products—N-3404: In-line and off-line printers featuring HP ink-jet technology, Windows-based software, connectivity and eco-friendly ink for printing text, bar codes and graphics on unit boxes, pouches, corrugated shippers and display cards. Integrated RFID, bar-code and alphanumeric ID packaging solutions.

Auger Fabrication—N-4013: Auger-filling machine replacement parts, including augers, funnels, hoppers and accessories.

Auger Mfg. Specialists—N-4362: Replacement augers, funnels, parts and accessories for many types of auger fillers. Free-flow, nonfree-flow and liquid tooling in stock. See p. 112.

Auto Labe—S-1578: A manufacturer of p-s labeling equipment, including RFID applicators and an RFID print-and-apply system, as well as semi-automatic and custom labelers. See p. 70.

Automated Packaging Systems—S-2206: Bagging systems include a new food-packaging system, one-step bagging systems and a void-fill system. See p. 13,133.

Axon—N-4032: New line of shrink-sleeve applicators that enable users to go from a small, TE band to a full shrink sleeve. See p. 44.

Banner Eng.—S-366: New color register mark sensors for detecting color contrast in common product and material registration applications, plus vision sensors combining all P4 vision inspection and analysis tools in one housing. See p. 16a-b.

Beckhoff Automation—N-4169: New economy control-panel design aimed at greatly improving panel extension distances and reducing cost as much as 40 percent. See p. 87.

Beijer Electronics—N-5628: Operator terminals combining user-friendliness with high functionality and performance. Drivers for virtually all major brands and types of automation equipment on the market.

Bell-Mark Sales—S-1344: Introducing a new addition to its line of in-line flexo printers that is about half the size and weight of other machines in the line. The co.'s technologies include thermal-transfer, flexo, reciprocating ink coders and ink-jet.

Bemis—S-2312: Manufacturer of flexible packaging and p-s materials will exhibit with its manufacturing companies, including Curwood, Banner Packaging, Milprint, Percseal, Bemis Industrial Products, Bemis Polyethylene Packaging, Bemis Clysar, Bemis Paper Packaging and MACtac.

Benchmark Automation—N-4119: Designs and manufactures a line of packaging automation equipment, including distribution systems, product stacking orienting devices, automatic feeding equipment for horizontal wrappers and cartoners and robotic loading. See p. 68.

Berry Plastics—N-4247: In-mold-decorated, rectangular container developed to save freight and shelf space and flip-top deckless tube that incorporates snap-on technology.

Biner Ellison High Speed Packaging Systems—S-1167: Rotary liquid fillers and cappers, tube fillers/sealers, induction sealers, bottle unscramblers and accumulators, bottle washers and rinsers, pumps, bottomless conveyors, coders, conveyors, turntables, sleeve labelers, TE band placers, heat tunnels and custom equipment.

Bischof + Klein GmbH & Co. KG—E-8780: Five-sided, seamless, flat square-bottom, U-Pack™ pouch. Standup pouches combined with slider reclosure technology. High-speed rollstock laminations; Large U-Pack™ high-barrier laminated pouches.

Bivans—S-1230: Vertical and horizontal cartoners for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, food and automotive environments. See p. 4.

Bodolay Packaging Machinery—S-733: Hf/f/s machine for standup pouch, standard and slider-zipper bags. See p. 136.

Bosch Packaging Technology—S-712: Doboy automatic baggers fill a variety of premade bag sizes and styles, including standup pouches. Doboy baggers and bag closing machines are recommended for applications such as candy, dried fruit, nuts, petfoods, lawn and garden chemicals and more. The Pharmaceutical Division offers integrated cartoning systems for applications requiring multiple infeeds and quick changeovers.

Bosch Rexroth—N-3572: Distributed intelligence, electronic servo actuators, integrated intelligence monitors, high-speed digital drives, synchronized controls, modular air-preparation units, pneumatic valves and cylinders, vacuum systems, modular linear systems, flexible robotic handling and conveying technologies, and predictive maintenance.

Boston Gear—N-3671: Electric clutches and brakes, controls, linear actuators and guideways for power transmission applications. See p. 103.

Bradman Lake Group—S-2278: Three new machines, including a collator/loader and a new, automatic distribution system that accepts, aligns and feeds product into a new flowrapper. The co. will also be showing its glue formers and carton closers.

Branson Ultrasonics—S-966: New development in laser IRAM assembly, ultrasonic equipment for welding, sealing and other functions; linear and orbital vibration welders; spin welders; and ultrasonic equipment for sealing, laminating and slitting thermoplastic films and nonwoven textiles.

Brenton Eng.—N-4132: New case packer packs a range of bags, pouches, tubes and other flexible products into cases or trays. Also showing a servo-controlled automatic case packer. See p. 34.

Cape Systems—N3130: Software solutions for packaging design, palletizing and truck or container loading requirements.

Caplugs/Niagra—S-1090: New picture tubes, as well as caps, plugs, wraps, edgeliners, netting, tubing, fasteners, grommets and core plugs. Five-thousand catalog parts are available for same-day shipping, and 2,000 custom molds are ready-to-run. See p. 66.

Carico Systems—N-4803: Wire carts and containers designed for materials handling and returnable packaging. Products are plated to prevent rust, are collapsible and stackable, are built with heavy-duty bases and bolted casters, and are made in various sizes.

Carlo Gavazzi—N-3245: Solid-state and electromechanical relays, switching power supplies, inductive and photoelectric sensors, contactors, manual motor starters, drives, timers, panel meters, power monitoring controls and safety devices. See p. 36.

Cavanna Packaging USA—E-7528: Line of wrapping and cartoning machines includes integrated flowrappers, smart belt systems, buffers, feeders and robotic multipack systems.

CCL Label—E-7404: A variety of labeling solutions for promotional and specialty packages, plus expertise in digitally printing cartons, labels and shrink-sleeve packaging.

Change Parts—S-2812: Custom-designed changeover parts, including timing screws, stars and guides, precision-engineered OEM replacement parts and custom storage parts carts. A rebuilt capper with a cap reject station will be on display, along with quick-change corner rails.

Chicago Glue Machine & Supply—E-9303: Offering an array of adhesives and dispensers that support both manual gluing and fully automated lines. Instant, temporary or permanent adhesive fastener bond. Pre-extruded hot-melt p-s spots.

Cin-Made Packaging Group—E-8608: Manufacturer of custom identity packaging for upscale retail merchandising, including paper-based canisters in a variety of shapes and sizes, various plastic and metal closures, and optional windows or handles.

Clamco—S-2000: Automatic, semi-automatic and manual shrink-packaging systems with shrink tunnels, automatic in-line bagmaking and sealing equipment that makes bags on a roll from continuous PE tubing with fillers, checkweighers and other feeding systems.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory—N-5320: New line of pneumatic valves and components that is another of the co.'s lines of pneumatic products. See p. 20.

Cognex—N-3959: New machine vision sensors called most affordable, capable and easy to use in their class, according to the co., and are said to have the most complete suite of vision tools at their price points. See p. 80.

Colder Products—E-5979: A variety of quick-disconnect couplings and fitments for fluid-dispensing and bulk-transfer applications, with smart couplings integrating RFID tags on package inserts and RFID interrogators on dispense and fill lines to identify and validate information, protect brand, prevent misconnections, verify processes and capture marketing data. See p. 62.

Collins Ink—N-4913: Provides ink-jet inks for industrial applications, including water- and solvent-based, and UV-curable inks for a variety of industrial printers.

Columbia Machine—N-4045: Floor-level palletizer for mixed loads features soft-turn infeed, while robot depalletizes in a closed-loop system. See p. 127.

Combi Packaging Systems—N-3645: Case erectors and sealers, hand-pack systems, case loaders, drop packers, shrink bundlers and case labelers.

CombiScale—E-7003: Multihead combination scale is easy to operate, weighs and fills at up to more than 150 cycles/min (up to 240 cpm for the high-speed model) and is accurate to within 1 g.

Compacker—S-1874: Exhibiting a fully automatic horizontal case packer with the flexibility to handle knockdown cases and tray blanks featuring PLC logic, VFD drives, easy changeover with most adjustments by hand cranks and large-capacity magazine.

Container Handling Systems—S-1444: Container-handling conveyor systems and bulk-container palletizing/depalletizing systems. See p. 120.

Cortec—N-5138: New biodegradable, compostable material said to provide plastic-like qualities during use, turning into water and carbon dioxide during commercial composting. See p. 70.

Cozzoli Machine—N-3806: Vial packaging line, including a filler, stopperer and crimper. Also showing an ampule filler, a rotary piston filler, a servo piston filler, a stopper washer and a piston filler. See p. 121.

Crescent Trading Group—N-4538: Offers Ranpac-manufactured and printed PVC shrink films for a range of applications. Can bundle and package virtually any product. See p. 64.

Cryotech Intl.—S-632: Stainless-steel, sealed vacuum-insulated hoses, manifolds, transfer piping, plus filling systems and stations.

Currie Machinery—N-3429: New shuttle palletizer that can palletize product from four different lines simultaneously, along with wide range of low- and high-level palletizers.

CVC Technologies—E-7158: Tablet/capsule counters, bottle unscramblers, air-wash bottle cleaners, desiccant, cotton and paper inserters and capping systems, including induction cap sealers and other related equipment. See p. C-3.

Daubert Cromwell—E-7510: Water-based rust remover with virtually netrual pH is said to eliminate need for acids and dangerous caustics.

Dekker Vacuum Technologies—N-5804: Liquid ring oil-sealed vacuum pump system with variable-frequency drive and vane pumps for vacuum packaging and material handling. See p. 126.

Del Packaging—N-4504: Rotary parts feeders are designed to orient and feed round, square, rectangular or irregular shaped parts consisting of composite, metal, injection-molded and thermoformed plastic materials, with production rating to 600/min and automated indexing with co.'s bulk loading elevator.

Delta Systems—S-1063: Develops factory automation solutions for the consumer packaged goods industry with a line of automation equipment that includes high-speed flowrappers, feeding and distribution systems, tray loaders, biscuit and cracker handling, labeling and product tracking systems.

Diagraph, an ITW Co.—S-1506: Latest in RFID systems, small- and large-character ink-jet, wax-jet and high-resolution ink-jet, automated labeling systems, thermal-transfer label printers, stock and custom labels, plus system integration services.

Digital Design—S-3012: New series of high-resolution ink-jet printers, all utilizing HP ink-jet technology. See p. 35.

Domino Amjet—S-2448, E-5930: Showcasing the latest advancements in ink-jet coding, laser marking, RFID, product traceability and data management solutions.

Dorell Equipment—S-334: A range of automatic shrink-bundling and wrapping equipment, as well as tray, box and case erectors, wraparound loaders and flowrappers.

Dukane Ultrasonics—S-658: Uultrasonic welding equipment, including custom OEM generators and pneumatic press and thruster systems for manual and semi-automatic assembly systems; probe systems for automated operations with full process control capability for applications like clamshell, tube sealing, zipper bags, pour spouts and fitments.

DuPont Packaging—E-6145: Showcasing winners of 17th annual awards competition for innovation in packaging technology, for use of plastic in food and nonfood categories. Winners are cited for breadth of application, advancements in technology, impact on industry or consumers and marketing impact on buying decisions.

Dura-Belt—N-5831: A manufacturer of urethane belting with super-strong welds for power transmission and conveyors. Products include O-ring belts, twisted, quick-connect belts, flat belts, high-tension belts for powered-roller conveyors, lineshaft spools and pulleys, among others. See p. 120.

Dynamic Conveyor—E-7940: New split-belt conveyor, new ergonomic tilt conveyor, adjustable side rails and roller transfer plates for gentle handling of cases. See p. 119.

Dynaric—N-5726: Provides nonmetallic strapping equipment and systems to industries with both general and specialized packaging applications. Strapping machines range from basic, semi-automatic tabletop machines to fully automatic, operator-less equipment and complete systems.

Econocorp—S-230: Co.'s line of packaging machinery includes cartoning, tray-forming and case-packing machines and systems, from tabletop carton sealers to automatic, integrated cartoning and case-packing systems. Closure styles include hot-melt, glue, tuck, hot-air activation and p-s tape methods accommodating paperboard, corrugated and PVC styles. See p. 119.

ELAU—N-3563: Introducing a delta robot controlled by a new automation system using a new robotic software library.

Enercon Industries—S-766: New modular concept for capless sealing applications to provide TE, leak prevention and freshness preservation. See p. 34.

Engelhard—S-1476: Offers desiccants in a variety of forms, sizes, costs and applications. Also manufactures a range of special-effect pigments, color pigments and iridescent films.

EPI-Exact Packaging—S-2105: New labelers for high-speed bagmakers, for tops of coffee and pasta bags, hand-dispenser labeling system and PLC-driven systems.

Eriez—E-7613: New rare earth magnet takes the strength of the co.'s existing magnets, separators and liquid line traps to a new level. Also showing metal detectors, vibratory feeders and checkweigher/metal detector systems. See p. 40.

Evergreen Packaging Equipment—S2840: New bottle filler with a neck-handling design runs 3- to 32-oz bottles at speeds to 18,000 bph. Includes a dual rinsing turret, an electronic fill system and a pick-and-place device to position the screw cap.

Exopack—E-8838: Various examples of paper and plastic flexible packaging manufactured by the co.

Fallas Automation—S-317: Line of case-handling equipment, new series of case- and tray-packing equipment. See p. 26.

Fawema Packaging Machinery—S-256: Horizontal bag packaging machine for paper or plastic bags of granular or powdery product to 50 lb said to work at top speeds very simply with reliable size changes, plus continuous- or intermittent-motion vf/f/s machine. See p. 114.

FEMC—S-1537, E-9001: Denester rated to 400 containers/min, piston fillers for viscous products, volumetric fillers that gently deposit product and heat sealers. See p. 123.

Festo—N-5711: Modular valve manifolds plus pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls for industrial automation.

Filler Specialties—S-455: Stainless-steel, rotary filling and capping systems for noncarbonated liquids accommodates plastic, glass and metal containers. Offers optional enclosures.

First Choice Packaging—S-1196: Package design, thermoforming, contract packaging, repacks, blister and clamshell design, in-house tooling, shrink wrapping, bundling, RF and heat sealing, warehousing and turnkey project management. See p. 117.

FKI Logistex—S-1482: New series of low-infeed palletizers in both manual and automatic versions for limited-floorspace facilities. See p. 50.

FlexLink Systems—N-3327: Complete packaging lines, including conveyor systems, machinery integration, automation cells, software and integration of labeling and measuring machinery and equipment. Accommodates medium- to high-volume production. See p. 127.

Flex-O-Glass—S-3040: Ionomer and PE skin films, ionomer laminating films, PE laminating, bagging and cling films, butyrate blister film, acrylic sheet and non-wet-look skin film. See p. 108.

Floeter—E-7549: Standup pouches: retort; resealable, single-use; portion packs; four-sided, flat and gusset bags; ESD products. See p. 75.

FMC Technologies—N-3432: Vibrating, screening and light industrial feeders, conveyors, orienters/singulators, material flow and magnetic separators, bin vibrators and flow control valves.

Fogg Filler—S-2654: Products include a new bottle and cap sanitizer, an automated clean-in-place system for fillers and a new clean-in-place valve. Provides an integrated filling system with cleanroom performance for ESL products. See p. 121.

Former Tech—N-4801: Bagforming assemblies to fit all varieties of domestic and foreign brands of vf/f/s packaging machines.

Formsprag—N-3671: Overrunning clutches and backstops for power transmission applications. See p. 103.

Fortress Technology—E-7043: Metal detection system with digital signal processing for inspection of both liquid and semi-viscous products. See p. 30.

Fowler Products—N-4029: Twin-turret rotary capper; rotary capper for pharmaceutical bottles; new-generation waterfall sorter; and automatic torque testing equipment. See p. 44.

FoxJet, An ITW Co.—S-1205: New universal interface to allow for interchangeable controllers and printheads between co.'s and a Marsh ink-jet system.

FP Intl.—N-5411: New machine that make bubble material on-site, plus air-cushion packaging systems and on-demand paper system that eliminates storage and handling of traditional packaging materials.

Frain Group—N-3222: Continuously growing inventory of more than 6,500 preowned packaging machines in virtually all categories, with technical descriptions and photos to be shown.

Fres-co System USA—S-2878: Vf/f/s machines with finishing conveyors, vacuum packaging machines, pod, pouch and stick-pack machines, liquid packaging machines, industrial bag sealers, bag reclosures, automatic case packers and packaging materials.

Gage Industries—E-6079: In-house thermoformed meal, food and cutting plastic trays, custom pallets, totes and bins, plus industrial, agricultural, recreation and transportation structures.

Galewrap—S-1079: Hand stretch-wrapping equipment and supplies.

Gallimore Industries—N-4464: In- and on-pack printed promotional items, including coupons, labels, instant-win games, stickers and other materials, plus inserting equipment for these items.

Garvey—N-3813: Improvement on co.'s patented accumulator is said to greatly aid product stability and create a much smoother outfeed.

Gateway Plastics—N-4273: Manufactures thin-walled injection-molded packaging components for the food, consumer products, chemical, lawn and garden, industrial and petcare industries. Also molds custom containers, overcaps, closures and other packaging items. See p. 3.

Gilbreth—N-4839: Rub-and-smell, printed shrink-sleeve labels; PLA shrink labels and tamper bands; iridescent shrink labels.

Global Packaging Machinery—S-633: New small-footprint economical cartoner, along with a carton erector with prebreak and pen, pencil or straw feeder with a pick-and-place carton loader.

Gluefast—N-4304: Pen-like glue applicator with squeeze bottle; label gluers, rotary press, edge gluers and pressure tanks; heavy-duty hot-melt glue gun for ½-in. glue sticks; adhesive system to stabilize loads during shipment, system for placing glue spots on a silicone release liner, with all systems using water-based and hot-melt adhesives.

Goodman Packaging Equipment—S-1241: Case erector promises quick changeover, with servo-driven motions providing high speed and efficiency for positive blank handling.

Graphic Controls—N-5135: Inks used in industrial packaging, plus printers and case coders. See p. 112.

Groninger USA—N-3938: Newly designed filler and stopper insertion machine for presterilized, disposable syringes, plus newly designed four-head filler for bottles.

Habasit Belting—N-3561, S-1192: Plastic, modular chain belts, including radius, straight, grip-top, conveyor, knuckle and LBP chains and sprockets. Plastic modular belting, plastic chain, polyurethane timing belts and fabric belting, including folder/gluer, case-sealing, general packaging and shrink-wrap.

Harpak—N-3330: Primary and secondary packaging solutions, including tray sealers for case-ready packaging, steam-cooking materials, inside cuts and complete meal-assembly solutions; case packing; sleeving; cartoning; and monobloc systems.

Hartness Intl.—N-3817: Dual-row filling machine, conveyors that transfer empty bottles at high speeds, online error and monitoring device, continuous-motion conveyors and uncasers.

Highlight Industries—N-4052: Packaging machinery and dispensers, including stretch-film wrapping systems, case-taping systems, PP strapping systems, shrink systems, roll stretch wrappers, film-compacting machines and hand-held taping, strapping and stretch-wrapping dispensers.

Hitachi America—N-5011: Exhbiting a new, small-character ink-jet printer featuring an improved color touchscreen and innovations in oil-free rotary screw, scroll and vortex blower designs that assure package purity. See p. 29.

HSA USA—N-5337: Customized industrial marking, coding and product handling solutions for the packaging industry, including examples of latest applications for high resolution and flexibility in package printing.

Iconotech—S-3071: Industrial case printers printing in one pass on corrugated cases, die-cuts, trays and multiwall kraft bags. See p. 122.

ID Technology—N-4043: Label printer/applicators, small-character coding, prime decorative labeling, large-character marking, decorative labels and tags, blank labels and ribbon. See p. 46.

ILAPAK—N-3864: New flowrapping machine that reportedly yields a shelf life available using thermoforming, particularly suited to spongy products usually found in baking industry.

IMA North America—S-1248: Showing an integrated, high-speed machine for the packaging of soft coffee pods in one single lane, and counting, stacking and packing them in a vertical, heat-sealed pack. See p. 84.

IMA Nova—S-1248: New tablet-packaging line, including the single-tablet reject tablet counter and the latest version of its electronic tablet counter. Also showing an upgraded liquid filler and a new high-speed slat tablet counter. See p. 47.

Imaje—S-2534: Small-character continuous ink-jet printers, high-resolution drop-on-demand ink-jet printers, laser coding systems, thermal- transfer overprinters, contact coders, print-and- apply systems, heavy-duty label printers, thermal printers, inks, additives and supporting software. See p. 98.

Inline Filling Systems—N-3950: Automatic and semi-automatic filling and capping technology, with unconditional performance guarantee and 5-year limited warranty.

Intelligent Motion Systems—N-5735: High- torque brushless motors with integrated electronics, microstepping drives, full/half-step bipolar drives, power supplies and complete microstepping systems and motors, plus IOS, DC and linear actuators.

Intellitech—S-641: Precision liquid filling and capping with semi- and fully-automatic assemblies, robotic and vision system applications, PLC- and PC-based machine controls, plus testing and validation services.

International Plastics—E-5908: More than 600 sizes of PE bags, including clear zipper closure styles and film from multilayer structures to standard industrial-grade liners.

Intertape Polymer Group—S-2253: New products include protective packaging air-pillow system, PE display film, acrylic carton-sealing tape, case sealer, double-coated PVC tape, adhesive transfer tape, paint masking tape, water-activated tape and stretch film. See p. 101.

IPak Machinery—N-3849: Automatic tray former for common-footprint rollover and laminated sidewall-style trays, plus MUB styles suitable for produce applications and automatic tray former in small-frame footprint that forms triangular corner-post trays.

ITW Auto-Sleeve—S-1504: Shrink- and stretch- sleeve labels, TE bands and multipack labels, plus BOPP wraparound and printed and plain heat-shrink PVC, PET, PETG and OPS materials.

ITW Dynatec—S-1206: Hot-melt applicators.

ITW Inks—S-1210: Expanded offering includes ink and makeup fluids for continuous ink-jet printers.

ITW Stretch Packaging Systems—S-1503: Stretch-wrapping equipment.

ITW United Silicone—S-1209: Hot-stamp/heat- transfer equipment, tooling, supplies and heat- seal solutions.

IWKA PacSystems—S-830: Showcasing platen blister-packing machine with output to 600/min, platen seal blister machine running to 450 cartons/min and hot air tube filler with 70/min maximum output.

IWKA PacSystems—S-830: Provides packaging machinery, specializing in solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Equipment includes tube fillers and blister machines.

J.W. Winco—E-5910: Threaded stud-type leveling mounts made from carbon steel with gold iridite or black-oxide finish with stud ball end machnined from solid bar.

Kaps-All Packaging Systems—N-4413: Bottling equipment, including plastic bottle unscramblers; volumetric, pressure/gravity and rotary fillers; automatic and semi-automatic cappers; sanitary and standard-type conveyors; cap and parts feeders; accumulation and unscrambling tables; elevators and hoppers; electronic online and benchtop torque maters; induction foil sealers; and diagnostic inspection systems.

Key-Pak Machines—S-209: New weigh and fill system for manually dispensing or integrated on packaging line. Also, new three-sided bag machines and eight-head netweigh scale system.

KHS USA—S-812: Filling and packaging systems for the beverage industry, food and nonfood sectors, including process systems, pasteurizers, fillers, aseptic fillers, rinsers, cappers, labelers, inspection equipment, conveyors, secondary packaging equipment such as tray and case packers and multipackers, palletizers, kegging equipment, pouchers and cartoners. See p. 118.

Kliklok-Woodman—S-1800: New Gen 3 servo end-load cartoner featuring modular design permitting various configurations and speeds to 350/min, plus high-speed vf/f/s packaging system and a Technology Partners Pavilion within the booth. See p. 12.

Klöckner Pentaplast of America—E-7155: A wide range of packaging materials, including a new film with enhanced slip properties for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products; new polyester shrink-label films for full-body shrink-sleeve label and multipack applications; and vinyl films for face-seal blister and clamshell packaging applications. See p. 14-15.

Koch Equipment—E-7213: Along with complete systems for meat processing, co. offers tray sealers, vacuum chamber machines and MAP and vacuum skin-packaging equipment that works from rollstock.

KUKA Robotics—S-830: New family of robots designed for applications requiring six-axis functionality for long-reach tasks, paired with user-friendly PC-based control platform. See p. 16.

Labeling Systems—S-326: A full line of p-s labeling machinery, including RFID, print-and-apply and apply-only styles of standalone labelers, a front-and-back wrap system, a pharmaceutical wraparound labeler, corner wrap and side-panel carton labeling, tabletop, semi-automatic machines and bar-code scanners. See p. 22.

Lanfranchi North America—E-7358: Empty bottle unscrambler for 25,000-bph output; empty bottle three-axis palletizing head in a loop with an unscrambler, air conveyor bulk/belt conveyor and stainless-steel hopper. See p. 64.

Langen Packaging—S-2866: Co.'s new robotic line encompasses tray/carton top loading, case packing, palletizing and combined, complex picking. Also offers new horizontal cartoners. See p. 6.

Lansmont—N-3122: Introduces portable self-powered shock and vibration environmental recorder with 25-channel acquisition platform.—N-3604, N-3606, N-3613: New automatic overhead stretch wrapper engineered for lean manufacturing said to wrap to 45 loads/hr, handling loads up to 58 in. sq to 80 in. tall.

Leibinger—S-3079: A family of continuous ink-jet printers that can be used in a range of applications, from egg printing with food-grade inks, printing best-before dates on packaging and marking black cables with white contrast inks. See p. 115.

Lincoln Coders—S-2943: Carton-coding and continuous-web marking equipment, including conveyor-mounted contact and noncontact coders, hand-held coders, and coders for absorbent and nonabsorbent surfaces. See p. 116.

Lion Precision—N-3118: Sensors for detection of all types of label materials, with solutions from low-cost photo sensor to universal label sensor. Latest technology used for detecting tear-strip materials.

Loeb Equipment & Appraisal—E-6106: Buying, selling and renting used packaging and processing equipment to the food, cosmetic, pharmacutical and chemical industries, with additional services, including appraisals, asset management and liquidations.

Loeschpack—E-7225: For the confectionery, dry baked goods and certain food and nonfood industries, buffering and feeding systems, robotic pick-and-place and tray-loading machines, regular and fold-wrapping machines and carton-erecting and cartoning machines.

Loma Systems—S-340: Metal detection, checkweighing, x-ray inspection, temperature measurement equipment. See p. 100.

Longford Intl.—S-2642: Designs and builds custom feeders and systems for the packaging and printing industries. Will show its tipping systems, custom collation system, desiccant feeder and three-dimensional feeder. See p. 96.

Loveshaw, An ITW Co.—S-1501: Semi-automatic case sealers for cases of uniform and different sizes, fully automatic random case sealer, case erectors, microjet and high-resolution ink-jet printers and label application systems.

Luciano Packaging Technologies—E-5932: Featuring printing and control inspection system for printing on virtually any substrate, incorporating vision inspection and centralized controller.

Magnum Systems—S-361: Taylor Products division will release a new vf/f/s-style baling machine that packages finished bags of product into film-wrapped bales. Also launching a new robotic valve bag placer capable of placing bags on multiple machines. See p. 93.

MARKEM—S-2212: Launches enterprise coding and traceability solutions, including release of solution implementation case studies, plus software, third-party hardware and professional services. See p. 8.

Mayor Packaging Enterprises—E-9112: Laminated, flexible packaging for both food and nonfood applications. Can laminate and convert a range of specialized materials and manufacture tailor-made pouches and rollstock to meet customers' requirements.

McBrady Eng.—S-1601: Bottle washer, gripper rinser, outside vial washer and new cleaner with matrix-style rinse.

MeadWestvaco Packaging Systems—E-9344: Interactive machine photo panel, food and beverage multipacks from around the world and machine manual, videos and brochures and data sheets. See p. 32.

Meech Static Eliminators, USA—S-105: AC shockless ionizing bars, ionizing air blowers to 88 in. L, ionizing air curtains, guns and nozzles and pulsed DC equipment. Static generators and static measuring devices.

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed—S-1639: Offers checkweighers, metal detectors and x-ray inspection equipment, delivered as standalone solutions or as an integrated product-inspection system. See p. 25.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline—S-1639: Product inspection equipment for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Equipment includes metal detectors and x-ray inspection systems. See p. 124.

MG America—E-7730: Offers packaging and processing equipment to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional, food and general packaging industries. Products include pouch fillers, capsule fillers, cartoners, tray formers, case packers and palletizers.

MGS Machine—S-147: New high-speed affordable blister-card folder configurable for use with a blister thermoformer, integrated tube filling/cartoning line, new outsert applying machine and reciprocating feeder and vibratory bowl feeder. See p. 91.

Morrison Container Handling Solutions—N-4528: Engineering staff will demonstrate line function applications, solutions for combining, dividing, metering, indexing and orienting, drive units, customized timing screws and color-coded stars and guides container handling parts. See p. 110.

Motoman—S-1495: New 13-axis dual-arm robot, plus six-axis robotic solutions for bottle handling, including case and tray handling, as well as new high-speed robots. See p. 99.

MRI Flexible Packaging—N-4171: Manufacturer of stretch sleeves, shrink sleeves, OPP roll-fed labels and shrink roll-fed labels. Has fully automated in-house art department, with digital direct-to-plate capability. See p. 7.

NAFM Eng.—N-4062: Exhibiting a vertical, rotary, in-line shrink labeler, an in-line shrink labeler and a steam shrink tunnel. See p. 9.

Nalbach Eng.—S-1444: Plastic bottle unscramblers, auger fillers, volumetric fillers and powder fillers. Other applications include granules, flakes and aerosols. See p. 115.

NAS Nalle Automation Systems—N-3668: Vertical wrapping system with label printer/applicator and elevating discharge conveyor and sleeve- wrapping system with custom product infeed for shrink-wrapping/banding and shrink-bundling applications.

National Instruments—N-5617: Through PCs and commercial technologies, the co. provides virtual instrumentation to increase productivity and lower costs for test, control and design applications through software, and modular measurement and control hardware.

National Starch & Chemical—S-1786: First 200-deg-F hot-melt adhesive available as part of an integrated storage, filling and application system that co. sees as the complete package sealing solution.

New England Machinery—S-1220: Displaying a scoop feeder, unscramblers, a capper, an orienter, a retorquer and more. See page 88.

Nigrelli Systems—N-3515: Continuous-motion tray formers/packers and cartoners, intermittent-motion side-loading cartoner, tray former and combination machine, shrink-wrap systems, plastic tray denest and pallet shuttle system and continuous-motion PET bottle packer.

Norden—S-1885: Two new tube fillers plus latest technological advance in tube sealing. See p. 89.

Nordson—S-1530: Advanced hot-melt dispensing guns and modules are part of adhesive dispensing systems generated by the co. to package everything from cereals to detergents and beverages to attaching labels, sealing sift-proof cartons and stabilizing pallets. See p. 21.

Norwood Marking Systems—S-1502: In-line coding solutions for direct printing of variable information, complete line of programmable thermal-transfer and hot-stamp printers for intermittent- or continuous-motion packaging lines, plus complete hot-stamp and thermal-transfer supplies.

Nutec Systems—S-2834: Precision product handling, printing and inspection equipment for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. On hand will be a thermal ink-jet printer, custom product handling equipment, a coding system and vision inspection systems.

O/K Intl.—N-3910: A line of new and improved equipment, including a case erector, bag sealers, a case liner and a case taper.

Oden—N-3729: Introduces liquid filler for 5-, 10- and 20-L containers in manual, semi- and fully-automatic systems designed for flexible PE bag-in-box applications.

Ohlson Packaging—S-2736: Designs and manufactures a range of semi-automatic and automatic netweighing and counting machines for most applications. Weighers and counters can interface with most systems to fill bags, pouches, cartons, cases, trays and tubs.

Olcott Plastics—E-6046: Full display of injection-molded plastic jars and closures. Offers wide-mouth jars, brand protection features and a range of cap and closure sizes. Decorating capabilities include labeling, and screen and offset printing.

Omron Electronics/Omron RFID—S-1236: New Gen 2 global loop inlay reportedly can be used under North American, European and Japanese radio frequency bands in a single tag design. See p. 11.

OPTIMA Machinery—N-4613: In cooperative exhibit, syringe filling and closing machine will be showcased that reportedly handles up to 30,000/hr, with integrated vacuum filling and plug insertion.

Orics Industries—S-2456: Tabletop to high-speed machines, including closing, fill/seal, case/tray sealing, tray denesting, vacuum and vacuum gas flush, lidding and conveying.

Orion Packaging Systems—N-4136: A manufacturer of semi- and fully-automated stretch-wrapping equipment. Models are available in turntable, rotary tower and orbital styles. See p. 53.

Osio Intl.—E-8935: PVC and PETG shrink sleeves, preformed shrink PVC and PETG labels and TE seals, bar wraps and premade and specialty bags and pouches, rollstock, folding cartons and roll-fed OPP beverage labels. See p. 95.

Ossid—N-4142: Stainless-steel tray packaging, weigh/labeling and f/f/s machinery. See p. 44.

P.E. USA—S-2552: Labeling application systems include two p-s rotary labelers: one with stepper motorization with programmable bottle-plate rotation; the other with servo motorization with programmable bottle-plate rotation. Also showing a hot-melt rotary labeler. See p. 117.

Pack West Machinery—N-4218: Fully automatic in-line cappers and torquers. including automatic cap elevator/sorter/feeder with torquer, conveying systems and liquid-filling machines. See p. 54.

Packaging By Design—E-9301: Converting of flexible packaging materials using environmentally friendly water-based flexo inks and adhesives and specializing in short runs and quick deliveries of barrier films used on vertical and horizontal f/f/s machinery in packaging snackfoods, nuts, candies, cereals, pastas and baked items.

Packaging Insights—N-4261: Contract packaging for solid-dose products, FDA-inspected, cGMP-compliant operation with high-speed blister and bottle packaging, folding carton and compliance cards packaging for prescription, OTC and nutritional packaging needs.

Packaging Systems Automation—S-2847: New servo-driven adjustable drop gate times products into buckets or cartons, providing buffer zone.—C-61: Online resource for packaging buyers, source for virtual exhibits, streaming video, solutions articles, product announcements and other industry ties.

PakTech—E-7944: Multipack and bale handles and application machinery include handles for large bottles, multipack handles for combinations ranging from twin-packs to 8-packs, while application systems keep pace with filler speeds for efficient in-line use. See p. 102.

Palace Packaging Machines—S-1613: Loose- pouch dispensing machine for bulk pouches of foods, liquids and medical components; bottle and container unscramblers; and system that prefeeds caps and components via airflow though tubing.

Panasonic Electric Works of America—N-5554: Introducing new micro PLC and brick-style PLC, networking module of AC servo, programmable panels, simple machine vision, an ionizer, a digital pressure sensor, a micro photoelectric sensor, a color mark sensor, a carbon dioxide laser marker and more. See p. 86.

Paper Machinery—S-1558: New machine forming lenticular, PP plastic containers and an expanded program for straight-wall and nonround plastic containers having the print quality expected from paperboard. See p. 73.

Partner Pak—N-5807: New automated clamshell loading comprehensive workstation for UV sealing of PET, RPET, PVC or PLA clamshells.

Paxton Products—S-1508: High-velocity air- knife systems plus new washdown blower enclosure featuring oversized clear doors with quick-lock fasteners.

PDC Intl.—N-4229: New cup and tub shrink-labeling system is designed for tapered, conical or square containers, with speeds to 300/min. See p. 59.

Penn-Wheeling Metal Caps & Closures—E-8610: Line of customized and stock metal closures includes continuous-threaded, aluminum CTs, unishell and lug styles, with all available in a range of sizes, colors and finishes with various liners and plastisol and safety seals.

Pepperl + Fuchs—S-2921: Sensing innovations, including fiber sensors, high-precision programmable fiber sensors with four-digit LED display, three-channel compact color sensor and compact metal-housing photoelectric sensors. See p. 32a-b.

Performance Packaging—E-9134: Flexible packaging, including laminations, retort packaging, rollstock, bags, spout and zippered pouches and shrink sleeves; labels, including p-s, paper, laminated, foil and embossed; rigid packaging, such as folding cartons, display boxes, tins and POP displays; and spout-pouch-filling and vf/f/s machines.

Phototron USA—E-6004: High-speed video systems, including one designed for use with either a standard desktop PC or alongside a laptop, providing exceptional slow-motion fault-finding capabilities and easily locating problems too quickly for the eye to see.

PIAB—N-4257: Innovative multi-ejector pump for a variety of packaging applications, along with vacuum conveying systems for material handling, vacuum pumps, gripper and suction cups, palletizing and conveyors.

Pillar Technologies, An ITW Co.—S-1208: A compact, manual induction sealer plus full range of waterless, conveyor-style production sealers said to function to speeds exceeding 300/min.

Pilz Automation Safety—E-6146: New motion-control flexible, modular and expandable system for complex motion and control functions is reported to manage all movements of a large number of physically separate servo axes within a plant. See p. 83.

PLEXPACK/Emplex—S-1774, S-1782: New semi- and fully-automatic L bar sealers, manual and semi-automatic bag sealers, manual and automatic shrink bundlers, in-line automatic sleeve wrappers and heat-shrink tunnels. See p. 28.

Pliant—E-8901: A producer of value-added film and flexible packaging products for the personal care, medical, food, industrial and agricultural markets.

Polypack—S-862: Hf/f/s total closure forming head, bullseye sleeve-wrap shrink wrappers, fully automatic tray loader/formers. Fully automatic label orientation, cup inverter, tube inverter, and single flavor multipacks or rainbow packs. Patented robotic pick-and-place equipment for unstable products. See p. 38.

Polytainers—E-4475: Injection-molded and thermoformed rigid plastic packaging in 2- to 96-oz sizes, with full-process eight-color printing capabilities for cups and lids and award-winning custom package/graphic design services.

Posimat—N-3206: Unscramblers for plastic bottles and containers; air conveyor for bottles and cans; elevator; silo accumulation. See p. 116.

Powell Systems—N-3748: Single-scale high- volume linear weigher for frozen and refrigerated bulk-food case packaging, and automatic case palletizer handling at medium speed plastic returnables and case weights to 100 lb.

PPi Technolgies Global—S-2882: Modular-design f/f/s standup and zipper machine; washdown machine for frozen products packed in standup and slider-zipper pouches; new machine that produces steam-valve lid made with OTR-perforated film for modified atmosphere control during storage prior to microwaving; and center-spout fitment filling/capping machine.

Presto Products—S-2460: A supplier of reclosable zippers for branded and private-label packagers for more than 20 years. Offers 60 zipper styles to accommodate virtually every flexible packaging need, from premium, standup bags to cost-effective flexible bags. See p. 105.

Printpack—E-8806: Latest in flexible packaging technology, including flexo and gravure printing, extrusion and adhesive laminations, registered cold seal, backside printing, metallizing and blown and cast coextruded films for markets such as processed meats, frozen foods, cookies and crackers, salted snacks, beverages, petfood and confections.

Prism—N-3416: Line of HP ink-jet carton-marking and coding equipment vended with recyclable ink cartridges rather than fixed printheads with separate supplies. See p. 114.

ProSoft Technology—N-5740: In-chassis high-speed data radios for an Allen-Bradley platform reportedly has 800-MHz equivalent.

Prosys Innovative Packaging Equipment—S-771: Series of linear and rotary cartridge-filling machines, squeeze tube fillers and syringe-filling systems.

Quadrel Labeling Systems—S-851: New front/back labeling system, new shrink-sleeve labeler and print, code and apply system. See p. 5.

QuickLabel Systems—N-4010: New digital color label printer for photo-quality labels at low cost for short-run, in-house applications. See p. 27.

R. A. Jones & Co.—S-830: New hand-load cartoner, high-speed, continuous-motion f/f/s machine with variable pouch-length capability and robotic top-load cartoner.

Regina USA—N-4822: Chain and chain-related products, power transmission and material handling solutions.

Rennco—N-4129: Packager with a pocket infeed conveyor and overhead pusher has a three-piece seal blade configuration with PE, polyolefin and PVC film-sealing capability to 4-mil. See p. 58.

Roberts PolyPro—N-4131: Showcasing an expanding line of bottle handles in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations, along with handle application equipment. See p. 44.

Robinette—E-9235: A full-service flexible-packaging and specialty converting manufacturer. Products include a range of heat-shrink sleeves and labels converted from PVC, PET, OPS and PLA. Also offers standup pouches and bags. See p. 48.

Rockwell Automation—N-4457: Demonstrating the advantages of accessing information in real time as the key to optimizing internal and external supply chains, showing connectivity from the factory floor to the executive level.

Rohm and Haas Chemicals—E-8626: Complete line of adhesives and coatings for all packaging and converting bonding needs; solvent-based, solvent-less and water-based. Laminating and cold-seal adhesives, heat-seal coatings, extrudable resins, specialty coatings and primers and p-s adhesives.

Rollon—E-7937: Line of linear bearings, actuators and drawer slides for the packaging industry.

Romaco—S-2817: Vacuum processing units for liquid and semi-solid manufacturing, tube fillers using the latest technologies in machine automation and flexible, fast cartoner with range of feeding options.

Ronchi America—E-7625: Monobloc filling and capping machine utilizing advanced mass flowmeters with exclusive, custom software and servo-drive capping for handling screw, snap-on and oriented caps, systems engineered for the personal care, food, household and pharmaceutical sectors.

rose plastic USA—E-7221: Protective plastic packaging in various sizes and colors for presentations, kits and samples, with screw closure mechanism, including handles as standard. See p. 33.

Rovema Packaging Machines—N-4231: New special bag-top machine for flat-bottom and stabilo® bags; continuous and intermittent-motion vf/f/s machines; hf/f/s machines; case packers; cartoners, liquid packaging system and more.

RSI—E-7519: HP-based printing technologies for the industrial market to print alphanumeric text, date code/time stamp, logos, bar codes and 2D symbologies on porous and nonporous substrates. See p. C-4.

Ryson Intl.—E-7115: Spiral elevators and curves, vertical accumulation buffers, incline and decline slat conveyors and bucket elevators and new mass-flow spiral conveyor. See p. 52.

Sabel Eng.—S-444: New Gen 3 robotic top-loading case packer, plus carousel caser and in-line and modular bottom-loading and end-loader casing machines. See p. 123.

Sandiacre Packaging Machinery—S-2866: New flexible bagging machine runs in both continuous and intermittent motions can be retrofit for a variety of bag styles and types.

SATO America—N-5526: New economical print engine, new generation of high-speed print engines, high-performance tabletop printers and Gen 2, RFID-ready print engine. See p. 17.

SCA Packaging North America—S-1466: Two new ergonomic sealing machines, protective packaging products, including a patented protective inner pack, as well as a bulk durable transport and a media transport.

Schneider Electric—N-5502, N-5504: New inductive cylindrical sensors are developed to exceed the requirements of food and beverage processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Schneider Packaging Equipment—S-2259: Vision-guided robotic case packers, including new portable model for irregular-shaped products and robotic palletizers.

Schober USA—E-6011: Gen 2 RFID machine now includes ability to read HF and UHF tags, a new tag dispenser with web tensioning, strategically placed start/stop buttons and greater information gathering capabilities.

Sealed Air—S-1648: Protective and specialty packaging, including Cryovac shrink and food packaging, Shanklin and Conflex shrink-packaging equipment and Bubble Wrap® cushioning and Instapak® foam-packaging. also, Fill-Air® and NewAir™ inflatable systems and Jiffy® mailers. See p. 43.

Seal-It—N-4017: New film made from corn-based resin that is heat-shrinkable and suitable for virtually any shrink-sleeve label application. Can be printed in 10 colors, gravure or modified flexo.

Sencorp—S-663: Sealer with flexible modular design for manual and automatic applications seals fluted board and is seen as ideal for warehouse club uses, plus vacuum chamber hot-bar pouch sealer.

Septimach Group—N-3931: Rapid-exchange no-tool-required changeparts, conventional tabletop components, feedscrews, servo integration system, programmable infeed control system, feedscrew drive unit, guide rail adjustment system, single-point guide rail adjustment system, tooling storage concepts, adjustable infeed and discharge stars and inverting blocks. See p. 97.

Sharp Packaging Systems—N-3417: A manufacturer of flexible packaging systems, preopened bags on a continuous roll, stretch sleeves, thermal-imprint ribbon and bagging machinery. See p. 72.

Shibuya Hoppmann—N-3829: Rotary labeler with front/back/full-wrap capability and exchangeable label profile cam sets, hydrogen peroxide vapor generator decontamination system, servo screw capper, tubeless filling valve module and new cleanroom bottle feeder and label applicator with redesigned head. See p. 124.

Shure-Glue Systems—S-3082: Hot-melt systems and industry-standard-compatible replacement parts for packaging and converting applications, including case and carton sealing, tray forming, hand gluing, labeling and palletizing. See p. 125.

SICK—N-5709: New color vision sensors, including first true OCR sensor, advanced perimeter guard and line of IP 69K washdown products. See p. 76.

Siemens Energy & Automation—N-5016: New AC drive for high-performance single-axis applications, controllers combining motion, logic and technology functions in one system and totally integrated automation.

Silgan—N-3426: Vision inspection, metal lug, press-on twist-off and ROPP closures, all-plastic and composite closures. Can products and innovations, including quick-top ends, peelable ends and the new dot-top technology, plus other closures and products for food, custom and personal care markets. See p. 41.

Simco Industrial Static Control—S-1510: Static control, web cleaning, static charging.

SKINETTA Pac-Systeme GmbH—E-7025: End-of-line machines for cartons, blisters, vials, aerosol cans and bottles ranging from stretch-banding equipment with and without side shrinking, full-overwrap, case packers, tray erectors, tray packers and wraparound packers to palletizers and complete packaging line concepts.

Smiths Detection—S-222: X-ray systems, including new system that fits over an existing conveyor, and fifth-generation image-analysis software. See p. 74.

Smurfit-Stone Container—S-2247: New concept in case forming and gluing for 4-, and 6- or 8-sided configurations, plus range of high-quality containerboard and corrugated containers.

Solus Industrial Innovations—S-2979: New roller transfer plates in addition to conveyor guide rails, quick-change brackets, live action bead guides, modular chain tacks, antimicrobial UHMW wear strips, washdown bearings and mini-roller conveyors. See p. 94.

Southern Packaging—N-4119: Intermittent-motion hf/f/s machines create three- or four-sided pouches using a variety of films and include zipper closure, gusseted and standup bottoms. High-speed machines available with full servo control.

Standard-Knapp—N-4106: New high-speed, low-maintenance continuous-motion case packer for smoother packaging of bottles uses pressureless zero-gap infeeed for smooth laning, ensuring balanced lines and jam-resistant operation. See p. 127.

Stora Enso Global Specialty Papers—E-9204: A new certified digital 87-gsm (58½-lb) label paper is designed to perform exceptionally well on a HP digital label press. See p. 60.

SureKap—N-4432: Semi- and fully-automatic capping machines, liquid fillers, turntables/conveyors and line of labelers backed by support services.

Syfan USA—S-467: Offering Sytec bi-oriented polyolefin shrink film with anti-fog properties. Innovative crosslink provides strong seal and excellent shrinkage. Also preperforated film with excellent air escapement. Plus PVC shrink film with superior optical properties that seals and shrinks at low temperatures. See p. 55.

SYSTECH Intl.—N-3445: Serialized product- tracking solution to provide complete track and trace of RFID and bar-code serialized product on the packaging line, plus inspection solutions for regulatory compliance of packaging operations.

T.H.E.M.—N-5126: Examples of stick packaging plus new standup pouch innovations from Japan. See p. 109.

TCP Reliable—E-7415: Prequalified shippers, engineered phase-change material, insulated shipping containers, gels and phase-change materials, monitoring devices and package design/testing services.

Teknika USA—N-5304: Proprietary line of strapping tools for steel and nonmetallic strapping, including RD and HT, heavy-duty PP, PET and cord and new inexpensive combination tool, plus PP strap and packaging films with custom design and manufacturing.

Teledyne TapTone—S-305: Introducing a new compact, multiple inspection system for PET, metal and glass containers that is capable of detecting micro leaks, under- and over-filled conditions, internal pressure and vacuum, and cap and label defects.

Tempco Electric Heater—N-4269: Electric heating elements, heating accessories, thermocouples, RTDs, temperature controllers and sensors for the packaging industry. See p. 126.

TEXWRAP Packaging Systems—S-2274: A manufacturer of fully automatic shrink-wrap packaging systems, including high-speed servo wrappers, I-bar sealers, horizontal side sealers, tunnels, conveyors and integration.

TGW Intl.—S-3059: Manufactures and stocks OEM-quality machine knives for pouch equipment, vacuum packaging, vf/f/s machines, baggers, tray sealers, blister packers, horizontal flowrappers and more.

Tharo Systems—N-4828: Introduces dual tamp label printer/applicator, said to print and apply labels to two adjacent package surfaces. See p. 61.

TNA North America—N-4748: Supplier of turnkey, integrated packaging and processing solutions for food production companies worldwide. See p. 114.

Top Tier—N-5721: Latest model of fully automated palletizer with concurrent stretch wrapping, with the modular palletizer handling cases, bundles, bag, buckets and trays and is available in multiple configurations and rate capabilities, plus new programming interface.

Treofan America—E-8909: OPP films, including white opaque and transparent label films for in-mold, cut-and-stack and roll-fed applications, along with newest five-layer films and films for cold-seal applications, plus wide heat-seal range for high-speed equipment.

Trident, An ITW Co.—S-1213: Will exhibit series of ink-jet printheads, also showcasing new technology are full-color textile printing and microdispensing applications. See p. 113.

Trinamics—N-3634: Top-load case packer and case erector will be exhibited.

Tri-Tronics—S-1067: New photoelectric sensors and controls, including newest general-purpose miniature sensors.

Turbofil Packaging Machines—N-3105: Line of tabletop monobloc machines designed to fill and close small bottles and vials in a variety of formats with sterile and nonsterile products.

U.S. Tsubaki—S-661: Roller and engineering chains, sprockets and related products for the food industry, plus corrosion-resistant and lube-free, with more than 40,000 attachments. See p. 85.

Union Special—S-2740: Bag-closing and bagmaking sewing machines, including high-speed bag-closing system and mini-system heavy-duty portable.

Unipack—S-1207: Lift'nPeel™ tabbed innerseals.

Universal Labeling Systems—N-4222: Semi- and fully-automatic labeling systems, custom labeling and print-and-apply with a variety of methods to read, write, apply and detect RFID labels. See p. 62.

Vacuum Barrier—S-2082: Demonstration of liquid-nitrogen injection systems equipped with advanced dosing valves.

Valeron Strength Films—S-1212: High-strength and specialty films.

Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery—E-7055: Introducing an affordable automatic liquid-filling line that includes loading turntables, filler, capper and induction sealer, along with new semi liquid and ointment fillers, vf/f/s and deblistering machines.

Videojet Technologies—S-2266: Ink-jet printer will be shown with new interface that is said to reduce the operator's learning curve and training time, thus speeding up integration. See p. 23, 78.

VIPColor Technologies USA—N-5449: In-plant, color-on-demand digital label-printing equipment for short-run high-mix carton and label printing that also enables production of private-brand labels efficiently.

VisiPak—E-7206: Clear plastic packaing, tubes, boxes and clamshells for storage, shipping and retail.

Visual Packaging Systems—S-248: New blister tf/f/s and trim machine; new automatic in-line pressure/vacuum, form/cut machine; new compact vf/f/s machine; and new medical sealer.

WAGO—S-3033: Expanded line of terminal blocks and connectors for printed circuit boards, rail and chassis mounting to power supplies, temperature transducers, signal conditioning modules and proprietary I/O system, with all products utilizing the co.'s unique clamp for fast, secure vibration and corrosion resistant of solid/stranded wire terminations.

Warner Electric—N-3671: Electric clutches and brakes, controls, linear actuators and guideways for power transmission applications. See p. 103.

Watlow—E-7960: New process controller and safety limit, an integrated/adjustable recognized safety limit, temperature controller and heater all in one system, along with seal bars, adhesive heating/dispensing, shrink tunnels/ovens, hot- air sealing/drying and heated hole punches. See p. 82.

Wayne Automation—S-2620: Wraparound case- and tray-packing system running both package styles, case erectors, partition inserters, tray former, case/product inverters, case inspectors and bag uncuffers.

Weber Marking Systems—S-2360: Demonstrating p-s label applicators and printer-applicators, encoder-applicators for RFID smart labeling, and vector lasers for permanent marking. Debuting a new print-and-apply system for high-speed applications. Also showing a range of custom, prime and RFID p-s label materials. See p. 19.

WeighPack Systems—S-2378: A range of filling machines and bagging machines, including vf/f/s, horizontal baggers and wrappers and conveyors plus complete weighing and packaging systems. See p. 10.

Weightpack North America—E-7560: Newest net-weight filler/capper monobloc with tankless filler and electronic capper with each capping head independently driven by servo motor.

Wexxar Packaging—N-4034: Leading-edge case-erecting and case-sealing equipment using hot and cold glue or p-s tape or combinations and tray-forming machinery forming glued-corner or self-lock styles in a range of formats. See p. 71.

Windmoeller & Hoelscher—N-4657: New flat and satchel bagmaking machine features quick changeover times and a considerable boost in size range of production material over the older variation.

Winpak Lane—N-4706: Machines and packaging materials for the protection of perishable food, beverage and dairy products, and for pharmaceutical applications.

Wulftec/M. J. Maillis—N-3643: Line of pallet stretch-wrapping equipment, strapping machinery, strapping tools and PET and steel strap. See p. 126.

Yaskawa Electric America—S-1491: Demonstrating pre-engineered solution templates that provide solutions for difficult applications. Precise phasing of random products, programmable product grouping, multiple conveyor merging and random target acquisition. Precision camming, line-shafting, multi-axis interpolation and network connectivity also featured. New P.A.C., washdown motors and auto-recovery routine. See p. 107.

York Saw and Knife —E-7962: Standard and custom industrial knives and blades for slitting, cut-off, cross-cutting and perforation processes in the converting, medical, food processing and packaging industries.

Zebra Technologies —E-5947, E-5948: New enterprise for co.'s printers deployed in enterprise-level networks streamlines user workflow by allowing for central deployment, management and monitoring from a single desktop anywhere in their network. See p. 65.

Zip-Pak—S-1214: Resealable packaging.

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