Palletizers 2703

January 29, 2014

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The Fuji-Ace Series of palletizers is an efficient, high-speed alternative to standard, high-level and low-level palletizers. Developed to meet the varying capacity requirements of today's production lines, the versatile Fuji-Ace Series can palletize different sizes and weights of bags, boxes, cans and drums at speeds up to 1,600 cycles/hr. The palletizers are offered in many different models to fit a wide variety of needs. The Fuji-Ace robotic palletizer can handle different size boxes or bags simultaneously using an optional "B" axis for automatic adjustment of handgrip width. Additionally, all Fuji-Ace robots come equipped with four axes to assure maximum flexibility. The maximum payload of the Fuji-Ace series ranges from 220 to 441 lb (minus hand weight).

American-Newlong, 317/787-9421.

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