Promotional Bags Deliver Success for Print Broker

January 29, 2014

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Promotional Bags Deliver Success for Print Broker

What custom printed bags vendor can you stake your reputation on with a tight timeline, an international client account, and a New York trade show? William Boyd, president of William Boyd Communications, researched carefully before choosing BagsOnTheNet ( to deliver Euro-tote promotional bags for REXAM Dispensing, the second-largest consumer packaging company in the world. "My advice is to find the right person," said Boyd. "Don't just go blindly on the net and look something up. I could've financially lost my shirt if this thing didn't come through."

After several referrals, Boyd contacted BagsOnTheNet to create custom printed bags for the Luxe Pack Trade show in New York, a luxury packaging trade show catering to visitors like Chanel Inc., Cartier, Johnson & Johnson, and L'Oreal.

Timely delivery was a key issue for this project for Boyd, who ordered over 9,000 promotional bags in three different sizes and prints for the trade show.

"Deliverables were made to multiple U.S. and international locations and they were extremely timely for me," said Boyd. "What I gained more than anything else was the willingness of BagsOnTheNet sales people to go out of their way to get these bags to my client in a timely manner."

BagsOnTheNet provided competitive pricing for the project, allowing Boyd to provide quality promotional bags while still maintaining comfortable profit margins.

"It gave me a good position as far as a markup was concerned," said Boyd. "It was more than competitive."

Thanks to the success of the custom printed bags, Boyd expanded his opportunities with clients and prospects. "When I went to the trade show and had my deliverables to them on time, it opened up other doors for other trade shows," said Boyd.

In business since 2001, Boyd's success depends on key vendors across the nation. "You're only as good as who you bring to the table," said Boyd. "If you bring the wrong company or person to the table, then that's your reputation and your name out there. What impressed me with working with BagsOnTheNet is that they saw it through. They stayed right on the ball with everything, and they are very knowledgeable. It was just great."

Quality custom printed bags, delivered on time and on budget, helped Boyd impress his clients as well. "They were very happy with the finished product," said Boyd. "BagsOnTheNet will definitely be one of my key suppliers for this kind of need."

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