Sleek package showcases  Jawbone headset

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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Sleek package showcases  Jawbone headset



Aliph, a creator of innovative technology products, has introduced the Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset with redesigned packaging made with Eastar™ copolyester from Eastman Chemical Co. ( The packaging uses 68 percent less plastic than the original Aliph Jawbone packaging and reflects Aliph’s emphasis on environmentally responsible packaging that reflects the sleek, premium quality of the Jawbone brand.

The use of Eastar copolyester allows Aliph to reduce its plastic requirements from 126 gms of polycarbonate to 40 gms of copolyester per package. The new package provides a 360-degree museum-like view of the product inside. The durability, clarity and design flexibility of Eastar enabled designers from San Francisco-based design agency fuseproject ( to achieve near-zero draft angles for square, sharp edges, while reducing the wall thickness of the package.

“To create a box that looks like a museum case—perfectly square and sharp—it has to be manufactured in ways that are very advanced,” says Yves Behar, fuseproject founder. “Eastar copolyester allowed us to make a perfectly square package that can’t typically be constructed of plastic.”

 Aliph worked closely with fuseproject and Eastman to develop the packaging. “The new Jawbone ICON package is a great example of how sustainability and innovation are interconnected and can drive each other,” says Tim Dell, Eastman vp of innovation and sustainability. “It also demonstrates the importance of design and evaluating material options at the front end of the product development process.”

Offering a combination of performance, aesthetics and sustainable properties, Eastar copolyester was a contributing factor to solving Aliph’s packaging challenge to create the most compelling experience for the consumer with the least amount of material.


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