Songs about packaging

David Bellm

January 29, 2014

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Songs about packaging

As you may have noticed, I have a special affinity for wacky, outlandish, or unique stuff. And although I’ve reigned in a lot of those tendencies on my blog posts (for a while), every once in a while something comes along that I just can’t resist.

Especially when it comes from a good guy. Randy Ludacer is a packaging designer, whose blog, box vox, is a wonderful look at packaging design, as well as its place and meaning in the broader context of culture.

It’s a great blog, which I’ve mentioned in my posts before. And honestly, I’m not really surprised he’s a songwriter. It’s easy to see he’s a person with very cool taste and a great sense of things that are appealingly creative.

Randy has recently put together a CD of songs about packaging. And it’s for a good cause. I haven’t heard any of the songs yet, but the packaging looks very cool — as one would expect from an effort like this. 

Here’s what the press release says about Randy’s project:

At noon on Saturday, September 26th, song-writer & package designer, Randy Ludacer will be performing atop the north capped garbage mound at Fresh Kills landfill/park. Those attending the event will be taken on a Magical-Mystery-Tour-style bus ride to the top of the landfill where Ludacer will perform a solo set of his packaging-related songs.

With the support of The New York City Parks Department and a grant from COAHSI (The Council on the Arts & Humanities for Staten Island), Ludacer, a local musician & package designer will be singing some “Songs About Packaging” on top of what was formerly the world’s largest landfill. Serenading, in effect, the decades of discarded packaging buried beneath.

Eventually, Fresh Kills Park will be New York City’s largest new parks expansion since the 1890s, but since it is not yet open to the public, this performance can only be attended by those who sign up for it via the NYC Parks Department website  

Or on Ludacer’s site  

Transportation to the location will be provided by the same bus(es) that are used for the regular tours of the Fresh Kills site.

There is also a recorded 7-song “Songs about Packaging” CD in the works—which will be distributed for free to all those who attend this event. The CD packaging will be handmade from used packaging. (From the artist’s own personal recycling bin: frozen food cartons, pasta & cereal boxes, and the like.)

Check out Ludacer’s blog, box vox for more about packaging & culture.


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