Spotlight: Cartoning & Traypacking

January 29, 2014

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Spotlight: Cartoning & Traypacking

Spotlight on Cartoning & Traypacking

Tray packer

The Model 170 tray packer accumulates product and automatically packs and seals trays at speeds of up to 25 trays/min. It has a tubular-steel-frame design that eliminates catch points for dust accumulation, allowing the machine to meet food industry requirements. A low-level tray magazine is positioned for easy loading, and a standard, high-capacity auxiliary section can be refilled at any time during operation. Trays are indexed from the stack top to ensure proper feeding. Chain-driven flight lugs transfer the tray and product through loading and sealing, and all product-contact components are manufactured of stainless steel.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., 800/237-5975.


The C 2155 cartoner features intermittent processing with servo-controlled carton pickup and erecting. Visual instructions via a touchscreen interface facilitate easy operation and quick setup. Featuring outputs ranging from 25 to 150 cartons/min, the C 2155 has an ergonomic design, is self-cleaning and has a GMP-compatible, cantilevered construction.

Uhlmann, 973/402-8855.

Wraparound packing machine

The Wrapapac features an in-line design and outputs 30 to 80 packs/min. It packs individual containers or multipacks into trays, with or without film, onto pads with shrink film or into wraparound cases made of corrugated or fiberboard. Case blanks are precisely folded and glued at the flaps with hot-melt adhesive. The unit features a large magazine and an automatic infeed for stacks of blanks. Production parameters are centrally controlled from a touchscreen interface, allowing program changes to be implemented quickly and easily. All changeovers can be performed quickly and without tools, and all container guides feature stepless adjustment with hand cranks and counters. Recent improvements include decentralized servo motors, ergonomic enhancements and a redesigned case magazine that features a roller separator system. Additional components include a partition inserter, a film module and a shrink tunnel.

Krones, Inc., 414/409-4000.

Tray packer

The Kayat Model PTF-28S wraparound tray packer is designed for medium-speed applications. The machine features a corrosion upgrade package and a servo-driven control table and cycle chain, facilitating operation and easing changeovers. It's capable of speeds of up to 28 cycles/min, depending on the application.

KHS, Inc., 262/797-7200.

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