High-speed FL palletizer offers integrated wrapper

Rick Lingle in Palletizer on September 12, 2017

The floor-level FL6200SW can stack and stretch-wrap a wide variety of challenging package types including unwrapped trays, shrink pads, film-only bundles and more.


The new FL6200SW combines high-speed stretch wrap technology with a contemporary, modular and clean design, user-friendly palletizer. As a fully integrated feature, the stretch wrapper includes a dual-motor stretch carriage that can be programmed to allow varying pre-stretch levels at different places during the wrap cycle; for example lower stretch at the bottom of the load to protect the film from tearing on pallet corners.  It has a high-speed turntable and the ability to maintain the palletizing throughput while still offering a compact footprint.

The machine’s standard safety and guarding system include fully integrated guarding, full-height light curtains, automatic four-point hoist pins, case infeed tunnel and interlocked load building area access doors. These features simultaneously keep the machine operator-safe and operationally “friendly.”

Ted Yeigh, Columbia Machine sales director, responds to Packaging Digest’s questions.


What specific type of operations are center-of-target for this machine?

Yeigh: The integrated stretch wrapper helps when load stability or space constraints are an issue.

The FL6200SW can simultaneously stack and stretch wrap a wide variety of challenging package types including unwrapped trays, shrink pads, film-only bundles and more.


What distinguishes this model from prior Columbia machines?

Yeigh: The addition of an integrated, concurrent high speed stretch wrapper,  servo technology and high-speed turntable allows speeds up to 100 cases per minute to be  achieved with a floor level palletizer


What can you say about the machine controls?

Yeigh: Users can effortlessly create and modify layer patterns, view and export production reports, adjust component speeds and timer settings, make stretch wrapper adjustments, and also access manuals and schematics, all through the HMI using Columbia's Product Manager software.


The FL6200SW will debut at Pack Expo Las Vegas, September 25-27.


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