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Paperboard Packaging Solutions

Paperboard Packaging Solutions offers Flexform Crates, Rollerboard Wrap and Corrpack.

Paperboard Packaging Solutions, is a family owned and operated business. They have specialized in paperboard packaging since 1984. Paperboard Packaging Solutions is your source for specialty industrial packaging and have been committed to providing quality paperboard packaging products, like Flexform, Rollerboard and Corrpack, to their customers along with excellent service for over 32 years.

Our products are custom designed to your specifications. Our product line includes Flexform laminated paperboard crates that ship and store flat and can be quickly folded into a rigid durable container. We also offer a Rollerboard heavy duty packaging wrap for protecting long narrow products in shipment. Our Corrpack product offers edge protection, box reinforcements, crating and quick freeze solutions.

The goal of Paperboard Packaging Solutions since its inception has been to work in partnership with our customers in the following areas:

- Unique and Innovative Products

- Experienced Sales Representatives

- Quality Paperboard Products

- Excellent Customer Service

- On Time Delivery

- Competitive Pricing

We are pleased to help you with your industrial packaging needs.


Flexform Crate

Flexform Crates are constructed with laminated paperboard and custom made to your specifications. They ship and store flat and can be easily folded up into a crate in 3 minutes or less. It is durable enough for overseas shipping and meets all ISPM 15 standards. Puncture resistant, moisture resistance, and recyclable makes Flexform the crate for you. All Flexform Crates come with a partial clay coat exterior. Flexographic printing, coatings, and double sided tape are available. Realize that there is no trade off when it comes to economical assembly and durability when you switch to the Flexform Crate.
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We custom manufacture laminated paperboard crates called Flexform. We replace anything from wood crates, preformed U shapes, paper tubes and corrugated and specialize in the 5 panel crate that ships and stores flat. It can be easily folded up into its crate in 3 minutes or less.