Celebrating innovation in pharma packaging and drug delivery at 2016 Pharmapack Awards

By Daphne Allen in Patient Safety on February 19, 2016

Packaging innovation was honored at Pharmapack Europe February 10-11 in the 2016 Pharmapack Awards, with four companies recognized in the Exhibitor Innovation category and three visitor products in the Health Product category.  


The winners in the Best Exhibitor Innovation category, recognized at Pharmapack Europe on February 10, are: 

·        Best Exhibitor Innovation for customisation and user-friendliness: Biocorp - Easylog

·        Best Exhibitor Innovation for convenience and ease of use: EVEON - Intuity Lyo

·        Best Exhibitor Innovation for efficient reuse and drug tampering prevention: Injecto - Injecto 0.5ml

·        Best Exhibitor Innovation for patient protection and cost-efficiency: Pylote - Pyclear Protection


And the winners of the Best Health Product category, recognized on February 11, are: 

·        Best Health Product for veterinary packaging and ease of use: Elanco & Neopac - Twist'n'use Osurnia

·        Best Health Product for compliance and convenience: Ethimedix SA - Smartbottle

·        Best Health Product for safety of use: Fresenius Kabi - Levobupivacaïne Kabi


These packages were on display at Pharmapack Europe in the on-floor Innovation Gallery, which showcased all of the 21 innovations entered into the awards. "To get so many high quality and genuine innovations from exhibitors and visitors demonstrates the esteem the industry holds these awards in, and the remarkable cutting-edge work being undertaken in both drug delivery and packaging industries," stated Anne Schumacher, Event Director at Pharmapack Europe. "Our winners this year demonstrated a mixture of incorporating new digital elements into drug delivery, automation, and of course, vital breakthroughs in increasing patient safety and adherence. I congratulate them all on their contributions to the industry."  

Read on for details on the winning packages.


Pylote's Pyclear Protection was recognized as the Best Exhibitor Innovation for patient protection and cost-efficiency. Receiving the award was Pylote Cofounder & CEO Loïc Marchin, who described Pyclear Protection as a "green solution" that features "microspheres for integration into packaging materials for antimicrobial properties." It can eliminate the need for preservatives in pharmaceutical products. (Please see our preshow article here.)

Mikkel Hetting, Founder and CEO of Injecto, received the award for Injecto 0.5ml, which received Best Exhibitor Innovation for efficient re-use and drug tampering prevention. He explained that the "compact injection unit [can be] delivered either in bulk or individually in blister packs," and it prevents "premature explusion." He adds that "for high-scale use, affordability is just as important as its function," he said. 

Vincent Tempelaere, CEO and Cofounder of EVEON, accepted the Best Exhibitor Innovation for convenience and ease of use for Intuity Lyo, which he called a "platform for reconstitution and administration."  The drug preparation platform operates "simply, automatically, safely," he added. 

Eric Dessertenne, ‎Head of Business Development and Commercial Operations at Biocorp, received the Best Exhibitor Innovation for customisation and user-friendliness for Easylog, a sensor for injection devices that can collect injector data, he explained. It offers "data encryption and automatic transfer to mobile apps," offering "patient treatment support," he added. 

See the next page for the Best Health Products.

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