Compact dual-dispenser targets skin care ‘nomads’

Lisa Pierce in Personal Care Packaging on February 23, 2015

A new 30ml size of the patented VariBlend dual-dispensing technology lets beauty and health care companies tap into the global megatrend of “nomadism.” With this on-the-go package, busy consumers can easily take their favorite skin care products with them—for use at work, while traveling or during leisure activities.

Sales of compact beauty care products continue to rise as new demographics—younger consumers, men and ethnic groups—take an interest in regular skin care regimens. The global skin care market for 2015 is estimated at $121 billion and is predicted to rise to $147 billion in 2020, according to

The VariBlend dispenser sits atop a two-compartment bottle from Sonoco and locks securely to ensure the package will travel without leaking and the product will maintain its integrity.

Consumers can select different formula strengths by turning the dial on the dispenser, satisfying their demand for product personalization and freshness. Six positions exist or brand owners can set fixed ratios. Keeping products separate until time of use keeps them fresher for longer.

Robert Brands, VariBlend president/CEO, talks about the brand owner’s perspective. “We see more demand for advanced, technical dispensing solutions, as regimen-based products gain in popularity and formulas become more complex, with advanced ingredients,” says Brands.

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