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Dual dispenser 'highlights' Redken Blonde conditioners

Dual dispenser 'highlights' Redken Blonde conditioners

Redken, a L’Oreal company, has opted to use VariBlend’s custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology for its two new hair color products—the Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Violet daily conditioner for cool or platinum blondes, and Gold for warm blondes.

Packaging Digest got the exclusive on the packaging from Robert Brands, president & CEO, VariBlend, and Tim Yerby, vp operations, VariBlend.

What design trends does your packaging set in the hair care market? 

Brands: Today, consumers are tech savvy and ready for advanced consumer packaging that delivers optimal results and fills needs (in this case, the time transition from conditioner to hair color maintenance). Elements of pack premiumization are now found in masstige and even mass products, as well as in the luxury market. 

Dispensers like VariBlend Dual Dispensing allow formulators and R&D to offer combinations not possible before, whether they are concentration regimens, or combined-use with enhanced chemical reaction by mixing at the time of application. Additionally, the enhanced chemistry combinations made possible by VariBlend opens the door to development of more concentrated formulas, which delivers the ability to reduce overall package size.

Besides the package itself, our approach to overall marketing and communication with the consumer has broadened—another trend. Note the use of social media, consumers sharing with consumers and tools like Podcast and Youtube….how to use the dispenser and application See:

Describe packaging components of bottle, closure, label.

Brands: Both versions are custom as they are for Cool and Warm Blondes.

Although the concept of dual dispensing has been around for a while, few have mastered it, as it is a complex combination of mechanical and fluid technologies and features. VariBlend is the clear leader and focused on the unique features and attributes. Designed in Europe and made in the U.S., VariBlend continues to open doors for new applications and segments. Redken used the larger dispenser or 49mm, with VariBlend soon announcing a new small cosmetic and personal care unit later this year.

VariBlend's dispensing product line facilitates an extremely high degree of customization, with the dual dispenser offering able to be customized in terms of: dispensing output, single or dual outlet, fixed ratio or adjustable ratio, number of adjustment positions (5 or 7), mixed or unmixed dispensing, and dispenser labeling. In terms of container customization, container size, material, color, transparency, airless or non-airless, labeling, and refill/non-refill capabilities: these are all available variables to marketers, enabling customize packages to meet the needs of specific consumer applications.

What were the key goals and requirements from a marketing view? From a packaging view? 

Yerby: The key goals, in terms of marketing include: (a) Branding, Redken and Idol Blonde, (b) clear communications of the dual function and dual offering with dual color labeling and (c) clear simple step-by-step user instructions to operate the Dual lotion dispenser optimally. 

In terms of packaging, one of the most unique goals of the Redken package was to communicate to the consumer the concept of a regimen application system to be used between trips to the salon, with increasing intensity each week (as described on the pump label) to provide maximum value and efficacy of the product.

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