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Pharmaceutical authentication system

Article-Pharmaceutical authentication system

Along with Tagsys and SupplyScape Corp., the co. is offering what it says is the industry's first integrated solution to allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to serialize, package and distribute products in a way that enables supply-chain partners to authenticate drugs throughout the supply chain, creating significant barriers to counterfeiting and diversion.

Working seamlessly with most manufacturers' existing infrastructure, the system addresses three critical areas of system integration and deployment: RFID tagging for item-level authentication; packaging-line device management and data capture and authentication services; and e-Pedigree compliance and management. In the first step, Tagsys marks pharmaceuticals with a unique RFID-enabled product identification tag, which can capture information at the individual item level.

The co.'s TIPS® Serialized Product Tracking solution manages all packaging-line devices, including encoding and recording EPC serial numbers to the RFID tags and redundant bar codes. The software verifies all data on the RFID tag and bar code, establishes the parent/child relationships in which the products are placed, such as cases and pallets, and stores the information in a secure database. The software then makes all the data available for the e-Pedigree, authentication and other business and track-and-trace applications. The system handles all the real-time packaging-level business processes, including managing rejects, reworks and QA functions.

Once compiled in the co.'s system, the individual drug information is exported to SupplyScape's software applications, which interoperate with supply-chain partners' applications to manage drug-bottle authentication and pedigree for each drug as it is passed throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Systech Intl., 609/395-8400.

SupplyScape Corp., 781/305-8085.

Tagsys USA, 877 550-7343.

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