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Airless applicatorAirless applicator

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Airless applicator


QuadPack Finger Touch

QuadPack Finger Touch

Finger Touch is an airless container for precise application of sensitive formulas. The container features a flexible, finger-shaped applicator and ergonomic actuator, making it easy to apply product to the delicate eye area. Available in 4-, 5-, 6-, 10- and 15-mL capacities, it is suitable for eye treatments such as anti-wrinkle creams and serums. With its unique rounded top, the applicator allows for smooth smearing on the skin. The applicator gives consumers total control over dosage, dispensing exactly 0.15-cc per stroke, while the airless technology prevents contact of the formula with air, protecting the integrity and prolonging the shelf life of the product, the company says.

Quadpack, 201-320-5144.

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