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Cutex nails new package to fight commoditization

Cutex nails new package to fight commoditization
Cutex swan group


Cutex swan groupFor years, Cutex has been the household name in nail care, but consumers couldn't tell by looking on the shelf. All nail polish remover products and packages looked virtually identical, whether branded or private-labeled. Consumers were so confused by the lookalikes that eight out of 10 respondents in one Cutex Brands survey claimed they were buying Cutex products, even though sales numbers showed that was not possible.


Shortly after the company changed hands in 2010, the new management set out to rectify the problem and restore the brand to premium status. First, they developed the first new nail polish remover formula in 15 years by combining an acetone-based formula with natural botanical nourishing oils that solidify after application to produce stronger, healthier nails.


Second, they turned to Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven design division to update, rebrand and most importantly differentiate the package. While retaining the basic silhouette to make the bottle instantly recognizable as nail polish remover, the design team made critical changes that kicked the commodity look out the door.


• The height of the HDPE package was increased to stand out on the shelf.

• A decorative swan-like shape was debossed on the face of the bottle to add femininity and a premium image.

• The label was die-cut in the same swan shape and updated with a modernized logo, softer graphics and lighter pastel color palette.

• A reverse-tapered closure replaced the standard straight-lined cap to elongate the bottle and accentuate the upscale appearance.


The new package is hitting store shelves in June 2012 in 6- and 10-oz sizes and in five SKUs, including Cutex's new Advanced Revival formula. With virtually all testers saying that Advanced Revival does a better job of conditioning and strengthening their nails than other products, Cutex expects the product as well as the package to drive new sales and market share.


Source: Berlin Packaging's Studio One Eleven



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