Disposable filling system

Linda Casey

March 11, 2015

1 Min Read
Disposable filling system
Bosch Disposable Filling System



Bosch Disposable Filling System

The co.'s new disposable filling system-PreVAS-is engineered to lower cleaning- and downtime during production, reduce sterilization requirements and prevent cross contamination. Featuring a peristaltic pump for filling volumes up to 500 mL, the system permits a toolless and single-handed tubing change especially well suited to isolators.
Developed in cooperation with one of the co.'s strategic partners for disposable materials, PreVAS was engineered with a holistic approach to flow behavior, interfaces, tubing layout, and distribution and connection point aspects. The co. engineers designed the system specifically with installation into sterile rooms in mind in addition to equipment layouts that include transfer and glove ports. 

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