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Luxury skincare line achieves flawless design

Luxury skincare line achieves flawless design
Lancôme DreamTone

Lancôme DreamToneOn the heels of its perfume La Vie est Belle and its makeup-removing capsules, Lancôme is once again showing its confidence in MBF Plastiques. With DreamTone, its first pigmentation correction skincare line, the top name in luxury has chosen excellence, and wished to suggest an unprecedented marketing campaign for this line.


To do this, all the expertise of the Aptar group, coordinated by

MBF Plastiques, was necessary. From the Alpha pump to the airless system, from tampography and UV plating; every part and perfection was manufactured and created by various companies within the group.


MBF Plastiques has used an unprecedented application of the principle of a lipstick. Though the project seemed simple on paper, its implementation required all the expertise of this plastic injection specialist. The first difficulty was to reproduce a cylindrical movement in a triangular pack, the upper part of which pivots to reveal the push-button. The rotation had to be fluid, without jolts, and above all noiseless. The company turned to special technical and aesthetic materials, coupled with efficient but gentle bolt systems.


Moreover, all of the DreamTone mouldings were created with particular care to make injection points and joint planes practically invisible, giving the whole its high-quality character.


This unpresented creation perfectly demonstrates the know-how of MBF Plastiques, including its capacity for innovation to satisfy the technical needs of its clients and to respond to the fast-paced expectations that go along with a global launch such as this. 


Source: MBF Plastiques




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