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New Trojan lubricant packaging has premium look and sensual feel

Article-New Trojan lubricant packaging has premium look and sensual feel

New Trojan lubricant packaging has premium look and sensual feel
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Church & Dwight sought the collaboration of their strategic partners, Product Ventures and ColanA - Trojan_Grouprrrr.jpggelo, to design and develop packaging for the Trojan brand's noteworthy debut in the personal lubricant category. In the research process, they discovered that consumers had a great deal of trust and confidence in the TrojanTM brand and were looking for lubricant packaging that was premium, tactilely engaging, gender-neutral and easy to use.


The objective of the structural design was to leverage core brand equity to establish TrojanTM Lubricants as a major competitor in the lubricant category. Conveying sensuality and engagement, the packaging that resulted embraced the product proposition with a structural form that is seductive and alluring with a premium overall aesthetic.


For the outer package graphics, Colangelo strove to change the category conversation by avoiding problem/solution focused design in favor of a premium and sensual approach that is more aspirational. 

To maximize brand blocking at point of sale, a sensuous black wave is utilized as a "super graphic" across all three variants while still allowing each to stand apart with its own jewel-tone color. Additionally, each variant's specific point-of-difference was supported with an evocative and telegraphic image that tastefully communicated the unique benefit.


Peter Clarke, CEO and Founder of Product Ventures, explains "The final primary structure integrates the closure with the rest of the bottle, alluding to an intertwining of the two shapes, twisting and twirling in a passionate embrace. Ultimately the primary and secondary structural design engages the senses, with its curvaceous form and smooth shape, creating an overall tactile packaging experience."


In addition to picking up the curves of the bottle, the outer package form is intentionally reminiscent of the sensual hourglass carton shape originally developed by Colangelo for the Trojan Vibrations line of premium vibrators. Broadening the use of this shape will encourage incremental cross-category recognition and purchase.


TROJAN is a trademark of Church & Dwight Co. Inc., Ewing, NJ.

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