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Pharmaceutical packaging: Clondalkin Group targets pharma and healthcare packaging growth

Article-Pharmaceutical packaging: Clondalkin Group targets pharma and healthcare packaging growth

Following recent accreditations secured by Boxes Prestige Poland and Harlands Labels Poland, Cahill Printers in Ireland and Harlands Labels in the UK, Clondalkin Group's Specialist Packaging Division now has eight manufacturing sites across Europe with PS 9000:2000 certification, offering extensive and unique production and service capabilities in cartons, labels, leaflets, literature and inserts / outserts.

The expansion of pharmaceutical and healthcare capabilities has been supported by a multi-million Euro investment program within the division over the past two years, leading to a much wider range of products available throughout the eight European manufacturing sites, including leaflet and leaflet labels capability in Poland and both perfect bound and saddle stitched booklets / manuals in Ireland.

As well as extending the depth and geographic spread of accredited operations, the Specialist Packaging Division is also actively pursuing acquisitions of well-invested packaging companies that occupy strong pharmaceutical and healthcare market positions.

In January 2010, Clondalkin Group completed the purchase of Lehigh Press, a pharmaceutical inserts and labels manufacturer based in Puerto Rico, following the acquisitions of Keller Crescent in the US, Cartonplex in Spain and Kenilworth Products in Ireland in 2007.

International packaging producer Clondalkin Group has revealed plans to further strengthen its position in the European pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare annual sales account for approximately €200m of Clondalkin Group’s annual sales of €800m.

The eight European sites now accredited to PS 9000:2000 standard are: Ditone Labels and Harlands Labels in the UK, Pharmagraphics Guy, Kenilworth Products and Cahill Printers in Ireland, Cartonplex in Spain and Boxes Prestige Poland and Harlands Labels Poland.

Clondalkin Specialist Packaging Division Chief Executive David Lennon said: “We are already providing pharmaceutical and healthcare customers with a complete specialist packaging solution by utilising the high level of expertise, technical innovation and production capability available within the division. We want to take this one step further and ensure Clondalkin Group becomes synonymous around the world with market-leading pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging.

“The recent accreditations secured by the four operating companies form part of achieving that goal and give a clear endorsement of the high standards we achieve.

“This is supported by the continual development of our production capability and investment in state-of-the-art technology. Keeping our sites at the forefront of technical advances will ensure we continue to provide existing and new customers with the very best pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging available.

“Acquisitions will also play a key role. We are continuously assessing opportunities to expand our global presence in line with our stated intentions of becoming the market leader in the supply of secondary packaging to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.”

SOURCE: Clondalkin Group


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