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Pinched-waist bottle helps Moms get a handle on new Winnie the Pooh baby care products

Pinched-waist bottle helps Moms get a handle on new Winnie the Pooh baby care products
Winnie the Pooh line cropped

Winnie the Pooh will be establishing new connections among Moms and babies with a recently-launched line of natural, infant toiletries. The products are marketed in custom bottles from TricorBraun, one of North America's largest suppliers of bottles, jars and rigid packaging. 

A single, 15-oz, custom-designed, HDPE oval bottle with a pinched waist is used for the full line. Closures and pumps feature custom colors, yellow, green and lavender, to accent the label design. Disc-type dispensing closures are used on the shampoo while pumps are used for the lotion and wash bottles. In-mold labeling provides a practical and durable means of product identification, as well as a distinctive shelf presence. 

The line includes nine items: baby shampoo, wash and lotion in three fragrances—powder fresh, lavender & chamomile, and fragrance free. New Windsor Brands co-branded the Winnie the Pooh line with Daily Renewal, a company it acquired from P&G in 2009.

New Windsor Brands, LLC was founded in 2001 following the acquisition of several well-known Proctor & Gamble Company brands. The company is located in Princeton, NJ.

Source: TricorBraun

Winnie the Pooh line

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