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in Pharmaceutical Packaging on December 06, 2018

3. Opioids administered as liquids

To provide better control over liquid opioids, Swiss-based Ethimedix has developed the SmartBottle. The device uses biometric technology—fingerprint recognition—to ensure that only qualified healthcare providers can dispense opioid medication from the SmartBottle in hospital mode. In a future outpatient mode, only the authorized patient can receive his or her medication dose within the constraints of the prescription embedded in the device’s chip.

The medication is contained in a tamper-proof cartridge that fits into the SmartBottle, and the patient’s prescriptions is programmed into the device. In addition, the fingerprints of one or multiple healthcare providers can be recorded in the device. If an individual with unrecognized fingerprints tries to dispense a programmed dose of the medication, the SmartBottle will not deliver any dose. If someone tries to tamper with the device, the SmartBottle neutralizes the opioid.

The SmartBottle may ultimately be available for home use, but for now Ethimedix is testing it at Bicêtre Hospital in Paris. “The ability to access pain relief when necessary, without delay and without the current risks of theft and abuse or misuse, clearly constitutes a benefit to the patient and caregiver communities,” says Isabelle Nègre, M.D., anesthesiologist at Bicêtre Hospital and head of the Pain Relief Commission for Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris Sud.

She adds, “In our hospital setting, it provides significant time savings to our healthcare providers, who can dispense the pain relief right when the patient needs it, as they do their rounds, without having to interrupt the rounds to get the restricted tablet of opioid from the locked cabinet. Additionally, the SmartBottle sits on their cart 24/7, without risk of illegal access or theft, since the neutralization function will be immediate in case of tampering.”


Also read “SmartBottle safely dispenses and tracks opioids” for exclusive details about the SmartBottle from Leila Smith, scientific and business consultant for Ethimedix, as well as further comments from Dr. Nègre.



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