Aclar production expanding

Daphne Allen in Pharmaceutical Packaging on October 06, 2017

Production capacity for Aclar films is expanding this year to meet increasing global demand, Honeywell reports in a news release. Aclar is used in blister packaging applications that require high moisture barrier performance.

“The capacity expansions are across the Aclar portfolio, paced to meet expected growth of the market," Sanjay Sharma, vice president and general manager, Honeywell Packaging and Composites, tells PMP News. “The new assets will increase capacity, improve quality, and streamline operations,” he says.

Two “noteworthy” trends associated with cost and design are driving the expansions and upgrades, Sharma reports. “Aclar is helping to mitigate the increasing cost pressures on the pharma industry from payers by enabling gains in operational effectiveness, productivity, and capacity in pharmaceutical packaging operations,” he says. “The second is that Aclar is addressing the growing demand for patient-centric pack designs that improve the user experience with drug therapies, resulting in better patient adherence and treatment outcomes.”

Using Aclar films could enable pack size reductions of up to 55 percent compared with packs made from cold-form foil, Honeywell states in the news release, giving pharmaceutical companies more design flexibility to meet user needs for patient-centric packs.

Based on polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) fluoropolymer technology, Aclar films are crystal clear, biochemically inert, chemical resistant, nonflammable, and free of plasticizers and stabilizers, Honeywell reports.


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