New website channel expands coverage of pharmaceutical and medical packaging news, trends and insights

Daphne Allen in Pharmaceutical Packaging on January 04, 2016

Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, a sister publication of Packaging Digest, has moved its website to now serve as the channel dedicated to covering pharmaceutical and medical device packaging.

We will be posting news, analysis, features, guest columns, and more several times per week, so please be sure to keep your subscription current by clicking here

PMP News will also be published twice a year as a print supplement to Packaging Digest, issued in May and October 2016. PMP News will also publish news and more in the quarterly issues of Packaging Digest. All current PMP News subscribers will receive these quarterly editions and supplements.

And on June 16, 2016, in New York City, we will host the Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging conference at EastPack. Please mark your calendars now to join us!

Please e-mail me with any ideas or questions at [email protected].

Best wishes to you in the New Year!


Daphne Allen
Executive Editor

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