Promising Patents, Jan 2013

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

March 11, 2015

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Promising Patents, Jan 2013




Resealable food packaging

Resealable food packaging
Unlike existing peel/reseal flexible packages for snacks or cookies, this invention involves a stiffening band (also made of flexible material) bonded to the container that creates an area which remains more flat and is less subject to form waves or to crumple. This provides a tighter seal to keep air out and products fresh for longer.



Screw cap package for contact lens
Seven co-inventors at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care have been assigned U.S. patent #8,317,016 for a screw cap package for contact lens. The package holding a contact lens is sealed in a holder, with a cap attached. When the cap is removed, the end of the holder ruptures the seal for improved accessibility.


Adjustable applicator for cosmetics and other products
A patent application by assignee Zen Design Solutions Ltd. describes an adjustable applicator used for mascara, pharmaceuticals or cleaning agents, or used for coloring strands of hair or dental flossing. The benefit over existing pre-curved applicators is the user can conveniently control the magnitude or degree of angular deformation during use. An applicator element houses a filament, which can be movable inside the bore of the applicator element to cause the applicator to be suitably angularly deformed at a desired degree.


Holographic label on top of a still-readable bar code
Inventors working on behalf of E.i. Du Pont De Nemours and Co. have created a brand authentication label using a hologram that, when applied over a bar code on a package, doesn't interfere with the scannabilityof that bar code using conventional readers. This allows holographic label and bar code to efficiently share the same space on the product or packaging.


Knurled pull-tab on container inner seal
For easier removal of container inner seals, Len Ekkert at Phoenix Closures has applied for a patent on a cap liner with a pull-tab that provides an improved, secure grip. According to the summary, "The tab can be embossed or knurled on one or both sides to assist in gripping the tab to pull the liner off. The folded tab creates a retention area that bias against liner retentive ribs or the cap threads to hold the liner in place in the cap until sealing is performed on the bottle mouth."


Dissolving paper for removable labels can be direct thermal printed
Inventors with Consolidated Converting have applied for a patent on a new coated paper for label applications that dissolves or disperses in water and can be printed by direct thermal printing. Developed primarily for the foodservice market, these labels can be easily removed from pans or similar containers when they are washed. Other markets can benefit, too. For example, poultry is frequently shipped in re-usable containers. Previous shipping labels should be removed and new labels printed and applied with updated information relating to the new shipment.


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